Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pins, Needles and Chicken Pot Pie

Just a quickie tonight. Besides, yesterday's post was long, even for me.

We have not received any news from today's tumor review board. I wasn't really expecting to. Though they still COULD call, it's 5:41 PM right now and we've gotten calls after 6 before, but I think we probably won't get the call.

As soon as we talk to someone up there, I will of course post any info I get on what we'll be doing next. I suppose I'll need to start hunting down brain cancer message boards, just haven't really WANTED to yet.

In the meantime, many thanks to YOU KNOW WHO for the Chicken Pot Pie tonight. Taking some of the heat off of us are various members of Jen's family, though I am not sure they want to be mentioned by name, who have been providing a lot of support via meals. It's given us one less thing to worry about during Bennett's recovery week and this week of pathological tension.


Forgot to mention that Bennett got his stitches out today. Now he looks like a baseball BEFORE it gets stitched up. But the incision looks good. For an incision I mean.


  1. I'm sorry there's no news yet. Enjoy your chicken pot pie and try to relax this evening. I'm glad Bennett's stitches came out alright.

    Thinking of y'all!

  2. Chicken pot pie....yummmmmmmmmmy!!!

    You all are in our thoughts as always!

    Please let us know what you find out. {{{hugs}}}

  3. What Liz said... Hoping they do call because it helps a little. Emmas epileptologist often calls after nine and even on a night when it's hard to get her to sleep I am always grateful for the late call. Cause I worry too much when they don't call.
    Isn't it funny how all these cases differ. Emma only had to get one stich removed where the drain was pulled and they waited a few weeks to do it. The rest were sutures and they dissolved. Have a great dinner.

  4. Nothing better than that chicken pot pie....

    Know the waiting must be getting to you....Just let us hear when you hear...Hopefully you'll have answers on the new game plan tomorrow....

    Take care...


  5. Hope the news comes fast, waiting is a bitch.

    It's a good thing that you have a close-knit family that helps out, there is nothing better than that.

    I'm sure you'd be there for them too if the needed you guys to be.

    Stop calling Bennett a baseball, or I'll teach him to call you a Q ball. And a ginger Q ball at that.

  6. Brandon also referred to Sophie's head as a baseball. I even have a picture on my blog where she is in therapy a few days after surgery with a gigantic baseball sitting in front of her...quite an ironic picture.

    How did Bennett do with the suture removal? Sophie screamed her head off.

    Thinking of you all...all day today.

  7. I'll third what Liz said. Chicken pot pie sounds yummy. I wonder if it has the same healing powers as chicken soup.

    Still sending positive thoughts your way.

  8. Speaking of baseballs...and sutures...

    I think I might mo-hawk the curls? Can't bring myself to get rid of em' entirely. But the OCD in me hates the thought of one stripe. So I'm like, what the hay, let's get funky! ;)

    I'm glad you have fam providing you support. It's SO needed.

    Hugs to all of you from all of us...


  9. the OCD in me also can't stand when I forget to sign in!



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