Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Carter's Jersey

Yesterday, I showed some shots of the kids wearing their Ravens gear for the Sunday NFL Festivities in the Lilly House. Reminded me of some older pics that we had shot of Carter, when he was maybe not even a year old, wearing that very same jersey that Bennett was wearing in yesterday's shots. Of course, it was GIGANTIC on Carter at the time, but it was the smallest one I could find.

Thought I'd share 'em here. Wow...what a difference a few years can make. Seems like only yesterday he was just a little baby boy, now he makes pee-pee and poop jokes and is growing up SO freakin' fast. Now he wants me to leave his play room so he can watch his movie without distraction, but it wasn't that long ago that his favorite place in the world to kick back was right on top of yours truly.

Wow, he was so small.

You won't hear much else out of me today and most of tomorrow. Setting this up on Monday to upload automatically at 6 on Tuesday morning. Tuesday we are headed up to Cleveland Clinic for some appointments. Follow-ups, new meeting with an Oncologist and the like. I doubt I'll pay the ten bucks to access the net in the hotel overnight...not when I'll be back sometime the next day anyway, though that depends on what comes through on the Blackberry from overseas. Anyway, we'll see...



  1. Best of luck with the appointments. Carter was a cute baby too. I will be hoping for good news or a good plan.

  2. Look at the cheeks on that baby, makes you just want to squeeze him up!!! And he has indeed grown to be a handsome little guy!

    Good luck with the appts.

  3. Very cute pics!!! I will be thinking of you all lots today.

  4. Okay...I'll give...babies in jerseys are cute. ;)

    You guys'll be on our hearts...


  5. Hope all goes smoothly in Cleveland.

    Love the photos, & what a sweet one with his daddy sportin' some Ravens love!

  6. Yeah, compared to recent pictures Carter was so small back then, or course he was just the right height for his age, but the years sometimes do makes us forget how small they used to be.

    Worry not about us, we like the updates, but we like even more when you guys take care of yourselves, when you come back from CC we'll hear all about it, it's not like we are going anywhere, we're always here waiting.

    Now the really important thing is that everything goes great at CC. So here's hoping.

    Oh, by the way it's nice to see another well shaved head, and not just my own for once. Bald is beautiful. And totally shaves is Bald and Bold.

  7. Love LOVE the pictures here...YOur family is SO beautiful! So glad you are continuing to share with us....The jerseys ROCK!!!

    When you can, let us know what happens @ CC....It will be interesting to see what they say...We will be hoping and praying for the best!!!


  8. Hope all the appointments went well for you all.

    On the football side of things, I agree, kids look wonderful in jersey's and even though they make those women cut jerseys, I still find myself wearing the ones made for men.

    So here's my predicament....

    On my fantasy team, I have the Baltimore Defense and the Minnesota Defense. Great, they play each other this week!!!Predictions have Minn getting .38 more points than the Bal. defense....


    I know Baltimore has been having some problems lately, but their defense is #1 in the league isn't it? Or darn close to it??? But Minnesota has Farve. I really don't know how he does it, but he seems to make these crazy comebacks ALL THE TIME!

    I'm so torn who to start....any help would be GREATLY apprecieated!!! Thanks Ken!

  9. Good luck at the Clinic!

    You have got some seriously cute kids.

    Was that a rare, Daddy photo in the mix? I thought we'd never see Bennett and Carter's parents.

  10. Sinead:
    There is a plan. I'm writing that one up tonight.

    Yeah he was one huggable boy, and nice and plump.

    Thanks. Me to you as well, hoping that SOME of the aggression is changing for the better. Ours is a little, but I worry about the mammoth amount of stress you are under.

    And you guys are in ours. Hey, maybe I should get Trevor a Ravens jersey? What size would I get him?

    It went smoothly. First step of an all-new path, but it's funny how much of a science I have it down to now as far as doing these CC trips.

    Whoever said Bald is Beautiful was probably bald. It ain't. I want Thor hair. And beard.

    Thanks, and expect an update soon.

    Good question. Ravens have a GREAT rush defense, shitty pass defense. Expect Favre to attack the cornerbacks all game long, and expect the middle linebackers to pressure the shit out of him and (hopefully) close Peterson's gaps. If they do plug the holes, stop the run and pressure Favre into making bad picks, we have a shot. If we don't, we're screwed. BUT...if it were me? I'd start the Ravens D. They have something to prove right now. Plus, I think Cameron (our Off. Coordinator) has something in mind for us to get back into a groove. Start Baltimore.

    Yeah I tend to stay out of the photos, why add to everyone's shitty day? But if you wanna see a pic of the whole family unit, how about these?

  11. Ken, thanks for the advice. I was leaning toward Baltimore myself, but thought I'd ask you since you are the big fan and know your stuff when it comes to them. :)


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