Monday, October 19, 2009

Here's to a Good Week

OK, raise your coffee mugs and let's toast to having a better week this week, shall we? For me, Sunday was awful, just awful, for the teams I like. Lots of pressure and tension all last week for us internally at the house, and slammed with a lot of stuff at work, some going well, some not going well.

So let's start Monday off by hitting the ground running, and being hopeful that the week is gonna be a decent one. Hell, there are some reasons I can mention right now to be celebratory and positive. Julia is home from the hospital. It looks as though Trevor will be coming home this week, keep yer fingers crossed. Reagan is showing some signs of improvement, Conner had a fun day at the park (looks like weather that is a LOT different than where we are, that's for sure), and Mike decided that spasms be damned he was going to prepare a pre-Thanksgiving feast for Marissa and his family and that's what he did. Ellen is jazzed up about a new exercise program and shares tales of things we do for our kids when we have to, and while Katy wrestles with some tough decisions she still took the time to shoot some awesome photos of Charlie in a pumpkin patch.

Stories of hope are everywhere. Just read any of the blogs I follow, and yeah, you are gonna run into some of the same stuff there as you do here...there are bad days, there are good days. There are days we feel hopeful, days we feel lost. There are days we love and days we hate. There are days we laugh, and days we cry. We do the things we have to do to get by, and sometimes, many times, we go beyond that and go to places where it isn't just getting by, where you feel good, you feel hope.

This week, my wife, today, goes back to work. FMLA time is over, Bennett is going back to day care for two days, full time, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday Jen will have off to take him to some therapies. Thursday and Friday he will be at Jen's parents house, but I figure soon we will either be transitioning him to the day care for those two days, or he will enroll in a special needs academy if he tests anywhere on the Autism spectrum come November.

We enrolled Carter in Karate, as of this last weekend. He will go three times a week. It's very disciplined there, and a lot of fun too. It's the perfect activity for him because in team sports he does poorly, he wants to always be in the action. In Karate he can be. It's a positive thing for him, and for me too. Since I will be taking him to his classes on the weeks where I do not do dinners.

That's another thing...we sort of launched a new give/take plan with each other, the wife and I, in an effort to help each other deal with the stresses that life was throwing at us, and that we were throwing at each other. We set some tasks and set some trade-offs as far as who will be handling those tasks. For example, one week she will handle dinner prep/clean-up and Bennett bath while I handle picking up from Day Care and GP's and what have you and then take Carter to Karate on his nights and do various other things that need to be done. And vice versa.

Will it be maintained? I dunno, but we're trying, and that's all you can do to make some effort to relieve the pressure.'s to a good week for us all...



  1. I'm on board with that...we could all use a good week! Unfortunately, it's usually just a good day here and there, but we can hope!

  2. I am raising my coffee mugs to us all. This week does sound hopeful...especially when you put it that way. I gather so much courage through the blogs that I read. It is amazing at how much one can feel connected with others through the internet.

  3. Great positive post Darth. I'm envious of the Karate...Our family took for about two years but our teacher moved out of town. It is GREAT for kids self-esteem.
    I like the husband-wife give and take...I don't think I'll let Delma read that one thought...she might get some ideas. ;-)

  4. Wishing you all the best of luck on your new shared tasks adventure. I will admit that it's not always easy to do things this way, my husband always seems to have a "better way" of doing things than I do, but I've learned to ignore the comments and do what works for me.

    Karate is a great activity for kids. My oldest attended a birthday party at a local Tae Kwon Do center and now she wants to start classes. I'm thinking on signing her and my 4 year old up. My 4 yr old could definitely benefit...she's got a lot of energy pent up that she could benefit from getting rid of! lol

  5. Here's to a GREAT week to us all!! This was a great post to start it off with for sure. Sounds like you & Jen have a good plan down for splitting duties. It took James & I a while to get to the plan that we have now & it works really well for us (ofcourse we only have one kid though). We alternate nights of cleaning the kitchen after dinner or bathing Connor. We also alternate 1 day everyother weekend to have a day to ourselves to have some "me" time. I think it is so important to get away from it all for a few hours to clear your mind & just do some things that you like to do. Hope Jen had a good day back to work & that Bennett enjoys being back at daycare a few days a week. =-)


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