Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Just a quickie tonight.

You know, since the surgery, we have had some issues with Bennett speaking. He doesn't say much other than No-No. Very rarely Dadda, and rarely again Mamma. It's been a struggle. So much so my mother bought him a shirt, with a fake 'name tag' on it that says 'Hello my Name is No-No'. I guess, since that is the word he hears the most, that's the word he's gonna say the most.

But the other day, for the very first time, he repeated something he'd never repeated before. The word 'juice'. It sounded more like 'Jeeeeeeeeeewzzzz?', but it is significant because it is something he did on prompting from his brother, AND it includes a consonant sound I had never heard before. That's a big deal.

May not seem like a lot, but I got a little choked up. Gave me some hope that I haven't had lately about his development. Some days I have more, some days less. But seeing any new thing is always good. Scratch that. I SEE new things all the time, the kid does learn.

It's just the language, that's my biggest hang-up. My biggest fear. And hopefully that is a sign of more to come. Of course, I was waiting like crazy since Monday for a new word, but nothing, and no more 'Jeeeeeeeeeewzzzz?' either. But I gotta believe there is more to come. Just gotta be patient.



  1. That's great news. And it's a useful word. Keep reinforcing by giving juice every time he says it. It might drive you nuts but it's good to respond. It's hard to wait patiently for the next word isn't it.

  2. That is awesome news!
    Daniel does that too, says a word then we don't hear it again for a while. But he loves when he says something (even when its only us who can understand it)and we make a big deal of it. :) But yea those moments are heart warming...the last one was a 3 word sentence (a wah u = i love you) and he needed no prompting. Course haven't heard it since....

  3. Have you tried using sign language or pictures? It may seem more complicated at first to throw multiple things at him, but it's actually helpful to give kids of all developmental ages and abilities more than one way to interpret and express language. Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested in how to go about this. The pics and sign language do not replace spoken language, they aide it -- they speed it along. And it's not as complicated as it sounds.

  4. Ken, that's awesome! Hopefully Carter will continue to prompt him along and Bennett will start to talk a bit more and more soon.

    I do agree on the sign language issue. It's a great tool to learn for kids who have speech issues. My oldest daughter learned some basic sign language when she started her speech classes and it helped her tremendously. Get a recommendation from your school district (you may need pediatrician referral) to have him evaluated and into an EIP (Early Intervention Program), and they will take it from there.

  5. Ken- I am so happy. Speech was definitely Austin's last [iece to "click".

    Melanie- I hope you see this. Everytime I get on your blog my browser freezes. I knew you were in the hospital with Daniel though. I hope he is on the mend quickly!

  6. That's wonderful! For him to say that after being prompted should be very encouraging! It sounds like it was intentional and not just random babbles.

  7. I got a little choked up just reading this so I can imagine how you felt hearing it yourself. That is wonderful news.

  8. Hi Ken - This is my first comment on your blog, but wanted to let you know we have had great success with Gracie (27 months old) learning sign language. She's slowly getting verbal words as well, but signing has opened a whole new world of communication for her. I would highly recommend the "Baby Signing Times" DVD's. They are upbeat with great music and they have worked wonderfully, where we haven't had success with other things. If you are interested, check out:


  9. Ken....LOVE this news!!! Even if you don't hear it much more, it is IN there, and that is the BEST sign!!

    You know, Colby utters only < 5 or so of HIS versions of words...And sign was not an option as he just never "got" it....He and I have more of a gesture language....

    But with the many, MANY fellow students of Colby's over the years, I, too, have seen GREAT things come from signing, ALONG with verbalization....

    I'll just bet, though, that Bennett will be one of the fortunate ones who WILL verbalize....I KNOW it is hard to be patient...But he has already made REMARKABLE progress!!!

    Hang in there....



  10. Wow, that is awesome news!!! I think it's a great sign that he did that with prompting from Carter. And really, if you think of it in terms of him re-learning everything like he did as a baby, with regards to language anyway, it starts off with one word. Whether it's Mama, Dada, or Juice, we all start with one word and then we build on that over time. Now that he realizes that when he says it, it makes Mommy or Daddy react, hopefully he will continue to test his voice : ) And, not to jump on the sign language bandwagon, but it's a great idea. Research shows that kids who sign actually pick up spoken language quicker than those who don't. It might be really helpful, and fun too! I'm taking sign language in school right now, and it really is an amazing language.


  11. Just a thought but after reading this post I was reminded that Einstein had a lot of difficulty acquiring language skills in his early life and look at all he accomplished in his life.

    Perhaps it might help to remind yourself of that when you find yourself getting hung up on Bennett's language milestones.

  12. If I'm honest...I put on the Baby Signing Time vid just for me!

    And like I told Jen a min ago...

    I'm happy dancing for you! On the inside...cause the outside is WAY too exhausted!



  13. Wonderful! Baby steps these days--baby steps.

  14. The more you talk around him, and the less baby talk he hears, the most likely he'll be of catching up on a few new words.

    He'll talk soon enough, and after that, he'll never shut up again.

    It's and excruciating process to wait for, but he'll get there. Just remember when you were in the first quarter of 2009, and see where you are now!

    Few parents have "resolution" this "fast".

    How's his violent behavior?

  15. Yes. Be patient. He is so very young and has been through so very much. His brain will heal and learn new ways of developing. Look into supplements for him, too --


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