Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OK, Though I Have Some Minor Man-Boobs, I'm No Mommy

...And it seems like everything out there for kids on the net is written BY Mommies FOR Mommies. I guess it's only fair. Most of the rest of the Gigabytes are used up by porn, so I guess it evens out, though less so as we guys get older and it just isn't our thing anymore.

But our KIDS are, so we go to Mommy sites, secretly, to learn about stuff to help our kids, no matter if the kids have 'special needs' or whatever.

Once such site, The Mommy Files, was pointed out to me by a dude, if you can believe that. Not sure what his man-boob situation is. Anyway, check this out...about letting sleeping kids stay asleep in their car seats. Interesting read.

Or...if you wanna get choked up with some joy, go read Danielle's latest post about Trevor's EEG results. I guess I am more Mommy than Daddy, cause all these Mommies certainly get me misty-eyed. I'm just a softy I guess.

I can be manly though.


I swear.


  1. I love your style. The fearful and depressed becomes the hopeful encourager! I would have to use you as an example of a sermon on rising above.
    Hope Bennett is well. I can't imagine how it felt to leave him those first few days...I STILL hate to leave mine in third grade.

  2. I am trying VERY hard to be positive. But it is hard, and it is effort. I guess nothing worth anything is really easy, is it.

    Just started working on a blog entry I hope to have finished by this weekend. All about you babe...I call it The (2nd) Greatest Story Ever Told.

  3. you go where the info is--that's what I do. I got some great tips for working with Charlie off an autism site the other day. Whatever works, right?

  4. I'm so glad you chose a cute Trevy pic!




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