REMEMBER: 60 Minutes Tonight!

Remember that tonight's 60 Minutes is the one with the Epilepsy Segment! Don't forget!

And in the meantime, since I hate just doing a post that is one sentence long, and since the Ravens are on their 'Bye' week, take a look at the latest MiniMates I added to my collection recently. SWEET! That classic Black Widow is something I have waited a LONG time for. And now with that Angel, my classic John Byrne X-Men set is ALMOST complete.

OK, resume Sunday. This is my 'cooking week' which I talked about in last week's blog about how we are trying to bring some order and adjustments back into our lives. Gotta go get my ingredients from the store, get some stuff chopped and prepped and get to work.

I'm not even really THAT into football today, though I'll have the Saints game at 4:15 on in the background and of course I'll watch Sunday and Monday Night Football. E-A-G-L-E-S!



  1. Thanks for the reminder. I suppose I should have invited people over. Join the virtual party at least!

  2. And odds are that Infantile Spasms won't even get an honorable mention, but we can hope.

  3. I'm afraid the Saints weren't they're best today. Oh well.

  4. The segment on 60 Minutes was quite interesting. It was made more emotional for me by Maddie having a cluster while we watched. It was hard to see a possible future.....I am not ready to think about that now. And tomorrow's the big day, in fact, Maddie is already fasting to start the Keto Diet. So off we go on another treatment. This one is going to work.

  5. I watched it. I wonder how the new device that is planted directly in the brain is different than the VNS. Hopefully, that is one thing that I will never have to research.

  6. Seeing someones child who had seizures for 18 years before finding a treatment that helped (and ended up in assisted living) is more than I could handle last night. I hope it helped with awareness.

  7. All I can say is wow. I have a cousin with epilepsy, but her seizures have been controlled since well before I ever found out she had it so I've never witnessed the seizures...but to see on tv last night that young lady who had to battle those seizures her entire life and finally find something that helps and STILL end up in assisted living....that was hard to see and made me think of all your kids out there that battle IS. I think I have a little better understanding now and worry about your little ones a lot more.

    And unfortunately, I noticed they didn't even mention IS....I was praying they would so that we could see that the medical world is taking this monster as serious as they need to.

  8. They may not have mentioned IS by name, but one of the EEG patterns they used as a graphic during a voiceover was a classic hyppsarrythmia pattern.

    I've seen enough to notice them on the spot.

  9. Thanks for the reminder. I DVRd it and just watched...I cried at the end when the Axelrod's were asked if they ever wondered "What if?"...I found myself doing that again earlier this morning and it's such a painful form of self-torture.

    I hope it helped with awareness too but it's probably like most things...people watch, are moved, and then forget about it and move on to the next thing.

  10. Holy Cats! I wouldn't want to have to move and pack all that stuff up. I've never seen anything like that in my life! Glad it's yours and not mine ;o)


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