Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Random Monday Thoughts...

- The Ravens Secondary really does suck. I wish we had dominant players in our CB positions. Good QB's are gonna exploit that weakness ALL SEASON long...and in the end I fear it will be our undoing. And our O-line was just plain embarrassing yesterday.

- I never thought I would be nervous going into a Bengals game, but then the more I thought about it I realized the Bengals, until last year, actually have a decent record against Baltimore. And in the end, they deserved to beat the Ravens, who basically beat themselves on that last drive. I mean c'mon, you can whine about the penalties, but you guys did a LOT of very deserved things to cause those penalties this time. Can't blame the officials this weekend. That loss is squarely on you.

- Eric Mangini, whenever they show him on the sidelines, just looks like the most miserable bastard in the NFL. Dude NEVER looks happy. Good. I love it when the Browns suck. And man oh man, do they suck it again this year. Yeah, you won on Sunday, but 6-3 against the BILLS, so don't go patting yourselves on the back too much. This is reverse hatred...I never had a problem with the Browns until people in this state of Ohio in which I am trapped started hating the Ravens for leaving Cleveland.

- I think my wife looks hot in an NFL jersey. It's cut shapely for a woman, not a big bulky thing like the ones us dudes wear. Dunno why, but it does something for me. Except those pink variations, I am not a huge fan of those. But is it weird? Probably's just a reaction to the fact that she actually gives a shit about something I'm into, and that means something to me. Though she refused to really let me shoot a photo of her in it. Lately she has been feeling like she's too heavy. Sometimes it's hard to let your chick know that she can still look great even though she may have put on a few. They just don't believe you.

- I think my kids look ADORABLY cute in theirs. Especially Bennett, or Carter when he was a wee lad. Little kids in NFL gear look cool. Bennett MIGHT be able to wear this one for the rest of the season, but he'll need a new one next year. Carter generally hates wearing his, but he will sometimes. Shame Bart Scott isn't with the team any more. I need to upgrade his as well.

- As for the rest of the games, nothing really jumped out at me this past weekend as super awesome, other than my utter horror at how awful the Broncos AFL Legacy uniforms look. Wow, and I thought the Eagles throwback jerseys were shit. My whole football-watching experience for the weekend was soured by the loss to the Bengals, so it's tainted, but I'm glad the Eagles won...damn that is one tough division. Friggin' Giants are 5-0. Pittsburgh beat Detroit, um...duh. I dunno...a bit of a bummer week for me leading in and so I was not nearly as into the weekend's NFL festivities as I usually am.

- Oh and as usual, in both fantasy leagues I still suck. Looks like in both leagues I will be losing to an 0-4 team. Nice. This will be my last year playing Fantasy Football. At least in Madden I stand a chance of winning. I do miss those days, pre-Halo, when it was me, Mike Horn and Mike Renegar playing Madden against each other in the Palisades offices. THOSE were some of the early, fun times.



  1. "Sometimes it's hard to let your chick know that she can still look great even though she may have put on a few. "

    Perhaps its your choice of words...

  2. Those were HER words! She's the one who keeps saying that she has gotten bigger and stuff. I say she still looks great!

  3. Yeah, but you are supposed to say you can't see it......"you always look great to me honey," etc.

    Glad football gave you something lighter to blog about even if it wasn't your best Sunday. My Panthers finally won, but over the Redskins, so that was nothing to get too excited about.

  4. "still looks great"

    Perhaps its your choice of words...

    (Men can't win)

  5. I agree that women look hot and kids look adorable in NFL shirts.

    As for the pounds, I agree. I tell my wife all the time she looks wonderful to me even though she criticizes herself all the time. I just emphasize that to ME, she is more beautiful every day. Line up any thousand women and my eyes will be drawn to her. Sure, they may take in a few sights along the way - I'm still male - but they'll be looking for her.

  6. Poor guys...we just can't cut you much slack in the weight department! It's a woman thing, we're just sensitive that way! :)

    I can't say I watched any football this weekend (unless you want to count when I heard it in the background at my mom and dad's yesterday...probably not, huh?)

    And, honestly, even though I'm not a big sports fan, I HATE the pink crap too. Woman or not. I don't get it.

  7. I'll just ditto Sinead...cause she captured exactly what I was thinkin'!


  8. @aylwardsinead: In the day they got married she was represented as a pig, so I think she got accustomed to the way Ken talks, a long time ago.

    Though I still hope I can one day get that elusive pig and frog.

    Seeing as this was a football post, I just read the wife and kids bit.

  9. Oh and by the way, Phil is right, it's hard as hell to tell a women she's not fat, when she gets into her head that she is.

    There are many thing a man can't win in a marriage, but even without the marriage, there is one question there is no right answer for a man to give, and that question is: Does this make me look fat?

  10. Even with 2 losses in a row the RAVENS ROCK!!! I'm a Baltimore gal and nothing makes me happier than to sport my Heap or Reed jersey on a Sunday afternoon.

  11. I think I spotted a picture of wifey in the background!

    Kids are adorable and my fantasy teams always sucked too.

  12. Hey, I 'm just glad this entire post wasn't just about football ;)

    By the way, Brandon can never win with me either.

  13. Right words or wrong words, men can't win. And you (the collective men) are not to blame. It's the media/movie/fashion industry that says the ideal woman is a size 0 with a set of DD's. The type of woman you'd see in a Playboy centerfold. But what is real about that?? Aside from any doctor given enhancements, to get an image like that takes an art school grad sitting in his cube weilding a paintbrush in Photoshop.

    Until women learn to fight back against the industry we (the average woman) will always feel insecure about how we look.

    And yes your wife's body is in the background of a photo and she has nothing to feel insecure about.

  14. Sorry, got nothing to add for football... the Nascar race was on in our house Sunday.

  15. Hey I get this magazine called Neurology Now (yea, I'm kind of a geek) and it had an article about Ravens' cornerback Samari Rolle, who has epilepsy. I'm sure you knew this already, but on the off chance you didn't I thought I'd mention it to you. It was a great article, so if you want to read it let me know and I can scan it and email it to you.


  16. Love the pics! Your wife has nothing to worry about!

    And I have to say...Bennett is looking fantastic Ken!!!


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