Friday, October 23, 2009

That's How I Rolle...

This was brought to my attention first by Jen, my wife, who showed me the new cover of the magazine Neurology Now, which we get monthly I believe. It was also mentioned by Karen, KC's Mama in the comments section on one of my more recent blogs on the Ravens.

It features a cover story about Samari Rolle, one of the Cornerbacks who plays on the defensive side of the ball for the Baltimore Ravens. Huh? Why is Samari Rolle on the cover of Neurology Now? Turns out Rolle has Epilepsy, which I actually knew about in 2007 but obviously at that time it didn't have NEARLY the meaning it has to me today. In fact, I just sort of did what most people do...brushed it off and forgot all about it.

Funny how things change, and how perceptions change, when things previously unknown to you enter your world and set up camp. Everything is different. Everything. I now look at Samari Rolle in a very different way, and I'm grateful for that in a weird way I can't explain. I'm a better human being for that.

Now I just need to figure out a way to open myself up to more of that kind of understanding and involvement into things that aren't even CLOSE to entering my world. But that is another story, one that I haven't figured out how to write about yet.

I scanned in the article for anyone interested in reading it. Just click on the thumbnails to go to a MUCH larger image.



  1. When I was trying to share with a friend how radical Trevy's epilepsy is...they responded...

    "So it's not your garden variety seizure disorder than?"

    I thought that was brilliant!

    And that doesn't mean I'm bitter with those who have controlled epilepsy. I'm not. I just don't look being thrown in the same description pool. Cause like you's not even close.


    Jonathan was engaged in your post this morning! You're slowly swaying him away from the Skins...towards the Ravens...


  2. Great article! Thanks for posting. I'm glad to read that he found a combination of drugs that helps keep him seizure free.

    Danielle...I'm gonna have to work on that husband of yours then! Maybe I can turn him into a Steeler fan instead of a Ravens fan!!! :D

  3. I'm tired of explaining that the seizure disorder with the most benign name in the world is one of the most devastating things that can happen your child. But it is nice to remember the other 70% of people who get control through drugs and live a Productive and excellent life.

  4. Here you go, Ken:


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