Thursday, November 12, 2009

Artists Alley: m-u-d-c-a-t

Still slammed, so going with one of my many blogs that I write whenever and keep in my pocket for when I need 'em.

Today, we take another look at one of the many gifted and talented people you can find at deviantART, the website for artists to post their work and participate in an online community. You get the full gambit at DA, from kids just starting out, to guys like me who are sort of in the medium area, to full-on GODS in the professional comic world, like Adam Hughes, Tim Townsend, Casey Jones, Jim Lee and others, who put images of their work up, write journals and talk to one another. I also maintain my own deviantART page, which if you ever feel adventurous you can always check it out.

Today I want to introduce you to the work of a gentleman who goes by the name m-u-d-c-a-t. I actually DO know his real name, but since I don't see it on his page, not gonna blurt it out here. Anyway, m-u-d-c-a-t is what they refer to in comics as a 'Colorist'. For the un-initiated, in the world of comics it's SUPER RARE that one guy does every aspect of a comic book. Some people write the stories, and others primarily pencil (like me), someone else comes in and inks the work, someone else comes in and colors it, someone else comes in and letters it, etc.

m-u-d-c-a-t is working professionally in the business, and he is a PHENOMENAL color artist. And I mean AWESOME. His palettes are some of the most unique I have ever seen. I used to have way more contact with him, but as Bennett's situation sort of took hold I really stopped being an active participant in DA, and have lost touch with most of the people, including m-u-d-c-a-t, with whom I used to chit-chat.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces. (The one at the very bottom? He colored one of MY cool is that?)

If you'd like to see more of his talents in action, check out m-u-d-c-a-t's deviantART page. You'd have to sign up for an account, but it's free and WELL worth your time to have access to his gallery, as well as hundreds of thousands of other pieces of fantastic art!


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  1. Interesting. I love almost anything art related and I know NOTHING about the world of drawing/coloring/pencils. I'm a paint kind of gal. Nice to look at a different medium.


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