Friday, November 13, 2009

Cutest Boy Ever?

Well, there is Carter to think about of course. And Trevor certainly. Both Charlie's, and Austin, and everybody else's boys. But you gotta admit...he DEFINITELY ranks up there, don't you think? I mean...just look at that precious face. So CUTE.

Anyway, I just had to share this picture, taken via studio photographer a couple of weeks ago. Note the angle...I guess so you can't see the scar. Hard to believe this little guy looked like this a little over 2 months ago, isn't it?

Yeah...very, very hard to believe. I prefer the first picture too. :) But it really doesn't matter, I'll take him any way I can have him. That's the truth of it. No matter what has happened, no matter what will happen, nothing would ever keep me from loving this kid or Carter as much as I do.

It does get frustrating, this journey of having a child with 'special' circumstances, we do get tired. But hell, having so-called 'typical' kids is draining at times as well. We can at times be angry and we can at times be sad. We are sometimes grateful and we are sometimes resentful. We are sometimes jealous and we are sometimes fortunate. We are sometimes proud of ourselves, we are sometimes ashamed to the core for what we can, at times, feel.

But we never, EVER, doubt, that we would take a bullet for our kids. And neither should you.

No matter what.



  1. That's a GREAT picture up top!

    Agreed my typical and non-typical kids may drive me crazy but I would be lost without them.

    Hope you ahve a great weekend.

    P.S. Where did you get that shirt? I am always looking for nice button downs for the boys.

    Those photos, next to each other, are so striking.... And, yes, speaking as a mom who thinks her little boy is the cutest boy ever, I have to say, Max definitely has some competition in that department. :)

  3. Too cute! And what a difference, all in two months. It's amazing. He looks great.

  4. So I've been a little MIA lately, but as I was scrolling through my dashboard, this cutie caught my eye! Love it! And it kind of reminded me that I need to get crackin' on some holiday photos. I'm the queen of procrastination.

    Anyway...great photo...and yeah he does have the cuteness factor going on!

  5. He is adorable. Pretty much one of the cutest kids ever. Top ten for sure. :)

    And yes...these kids can be hard. But every time I blame something on her being, you know, different, I'm presented with a similar story of a typical kid with the same behavioral issue. Which makes me are just hard.

  6. What a great looking kid! Definitely a handsome little guy, and that's coming from the mum of 2 pretty gorgeous boys, so I would know ;)

  7. Beautiful post .. not only for the obvious ... the first picture is amazing ... but for the words that you spoke,that speak to all of us.The unconditional love of a parent.

    Have a great weekend Ken and family

  8. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto.
    Kids are a blessing and a gift. We would be SO much less human without them. How EVERY parent doesn't get this...I will never know (and I'm an "expert").

  9. What if the kids worship George W. Bush, would you love them then? LOL

    Finally I see a post from you where you don't complain about how slow Bennett is taking to relearn some of his previous behaviors. And finally a post where you were fully focused on the positive things that have happened so far.

    It took him 9 months to claim his right to be a part of the world, it might take them 9 more to claim it back. And like you said it was only 2 months ago that his life changed, and he got a new lease on it.

    I don't know, but you're so positive and proud, that I'm thinking that Cymbalta actually did something! Any change in your "weird feelings"? Any better now, 2 days after you stopped?

    Have a great Birthday party for Bennett tomorrow.

  10. Agreed on the cute stuff.

    And the way you worded your thoughts reminded me why I love the book of Ecclesiasties. Very poignant...and true.



    ps. Holli...I've missed you.

  11. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL boy....And what an amazing comparion when you juxtapose the two photos....

    And, as usual, perfect words....


  12. Gorgeous boy! And a beautiful reminder of unconditional love. Hope he continues to do well and you continue to heal!

  13. Take that bullet with a smile...for sure!
    He is the cutest!!!!
    God Bless!


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