Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Bennett

Two years ago today, Bennett Leonidas Lilly came into this world about 4 weeks earlier than he was expected to. Funny thing is, as we went in and out of the NICU that first week, we thought that was as bad as things could get. Um...well, not exactly.

But you know that story, otherwise you wouldn't be reading these words.

We actually are not celebrating the event today. For one thing, I believe I might be coming down with something bad. Since last night I've been stuffed up, nauseous, clammy, sore throat, dizzy, body aches but no real temp or anything. VERY weird. Perhaps I caught something from the woman on the plane I sat next to coming back from Baltimore.

Well, technically she sat ON me. I got stuck in a middle seat. On my right? An old lady who smelled like a box of books you haven't seen in years that you open up that you found in the darkest, mustiest part of your basement. On my left? A rather large woman, who because of her girth was not able to put the seat divider between us.

So on my left, it felt like I was laying on a warm wet gel heating pad of flesh, and if I tried to inch myself away from it? Old books. Thankfully, the flight was short. But last night all of a sudden I started to just feel like shit. And it was a sudden thing too, not subtle. One minute I was feeling fine, then I had to sit down and I was clammy and sweaty and nauseous and dizzy and weak and a whole lot of other wacky things.

Today, same deal. Only more of it and some very odd feelings in my head. Maybe it's all side effects from the new med I started on Friday? Might be. Some of the stuff listed on the possible side effects are all there. But this is WHACKED. I just feel wrong, and I don't know how else to describe it. I may need to call the doctor tomorrow and tell him I want off this ride, cause it is W-E-I-R-D. And I do feel some kind of strange confusion, it's bizarre. Yeah, the more I look at the side effects page, the more I am questioning WTF have I gotten myself into here?

But then again, could be the anti-biotic they prescribed for me too. See? I should know better by now, especially over this past year with Bennett...never do two meds at once cause you don't know what to eliminate or if one or the other caused some issue. OK...duly noted.

Oh and by the way, what's the deal tonight? This is an edit, BTW. Suddenly Bennett comes home a few minutes ago and is goin' bananas. I was gonna finish this up after work and talk about some cool stuff, but I'll save it for later, cause I'm a mess and Bennett is really upset about something, nothing will console him tonight. Well, I take that back...even as I clack this he is calming a bit. It was just the first 15 minutes through the door, he just went all loopy. Very odd.

Anyway...where was I? Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, kiddo, from your insane old man. Looks like you got my crazy gene. What a wild year it's been, huh?


  1. Happy Birthday Bennett, it's been a short life so far, but it's also been a long life so far... Yeah, you'll understand it in a few decades.

    Ken, might I point out that when you started Effexor, all those ages ago, you read the side effects page a little too much and it scared the crap out of you so much (with suicide being one of those side effects) that you ended up not sticking too long to that medication?

    You're already against taking the damned pills, if you keep reading the side effects page a little too much, you'll end up manifesting actual psychosomatic side effects... You don't like the pills, try to take them and forget about the rest.

    You probably just have a cold, or a flu at most, but seeing as you traveled if you really want to discard things out, why not start with the new swine flu test. You little hypochondriac, but just because you are, don't mean you're not actually sick. It's like being paranoid.

  2. Two kids two days apart. Same disease, different causes.

    Marissa says happy birthday, Bennett!

  3. Happy birthday Bennett. Hope you feel better soon Bennett's daddy :)

  4. Happy,happy day Bennett ...and Ken,feel better.Sorry it seems to be one thing after another.

  5. Remember T...it was when I was coming OFF the Effexor that I started to wig out. And it really was a wig-out. Since then I've heard of lots of folks that had that reaction.

    The problem...I am on a LOT of drugs. This might be reacting to one of them. I know I feel VERY weird, nauseous like crazy, dizzy, sweaty, hot/cold, very mentally panicky and jittery and this is not the way it is supposed to work. It's too many side effects all at the same time. Something ain't right.

  6. I know what you mean about the Effexor, which is commonly referred to as Side-Effexor. Personally I never took it, but I have a cousin that does, and she tried to quit a few times and it was hell, because she just couldn't do it, her anxiety would go up way high.

    If you're taking any other antidepressant with Cymbalta, that might be the problem, because feeling panicky and jittery, is generally a side effect of the uppers, but you always need to wait at least two weeks to work out those side effects, and if the desired effects will actually happen or not.

    So you didn't say when you're going to celebrate Bennett's two years of live.

  7. Can you edit "live" into "life" and delete this post?

    After all Bennett as been alive for two years and only one of them has been almost live on the internet! lol

    Sorry about my bad orthography.

  8. Happy Birthday Bennett! So glad I got to "meet" you.
    Hope you feel better,Ken.

  9. Happy Birthday Bennett! We share a birthday, today is mine too! Hopefully B doesn't get sick, and this next year will be a better one than the one before it!

  10. Lets leave that year behind us Bennett! Happy Birthday. Tell that Dad of yours to cop on to himself and take a mega dose of Vitamin D.

  11. Happy birthday Bennett! May this next year bring happiness and fun, for you and your family.

  12. When I took Effexor (an SNRI like Cymbalta) and Augmentin together I ended up with a fever -like feeling and dizziness. I then fainted and hit my head on the bathtub in the middle of the night.

    The next day the muscle pain started. I couldn't use a can opener. FREAKING SCARY. I went to the ER and the doc told me I had a virus. Only the pharmacist a few days later was able to tell me that my effexor dose was too high.

    Months later a neurologist told me that antibiotics can screw with the way your body metabolizes other drugs and therefore exacerbated the effects of the overdose (of norepenephrine).

    I later switched to Cymbalta and had the same problem the next time I had a sinus infection, but it wasn't as severe because my dose of Cymbalta wasn't as high. Regardless, can't take either drug anymore.

  13. Happy Birthday Bennett! Don't believe a word of what your Dad says about the "crazy" genes...He's just bearing the burden for his family!

  14. Happy Birthday, Bennett! And Ken, I hope you feel better soon!

  15. Happy Birthday Bennett...prayers for a good year ahead for you and your family!

    Hugs from WA...Deb & Hudson

    (P.S. I got a good laugh with my first morning cup of coffee...your "plane friends" and your description was too funny... although I am sure you weren't laughing being a part of that sandwich!)

  16. Happy Belated Birthday Bennett! What a cutie...those eyes are piercing!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Bennett. I'm sorry I missed posting yesterday.

    I hope you are feeling better Ken.

  18. Happy birthday, Bennett!!! Dad, hope you are feeling better.

  19. Happy Birthday Bennett!! Hope your third year is much better than your 2nd!

  20. I am late reading this, but "Happy Birthday, Mr. Bennett"!!

    I hope you got to feeling better and have been able to celebrate...(My last post was actually about Colby's 25th b'day...It went amazingly well for a change! He actually did OK that day!)

    About meds...I remember the FIRST antidepressant they tried me on...YEARS ago...Serzone was the name....After two doses, I felt what I thought were WORMS crawling in my brain!!! It was AWFUL! Meds can really do some strange things to ya....I always read the inserts, but I try not to think about the side effects...You'll know if it is the meds making you feel bad.....

    Take care, and congratulations on your little guy's 2nd!


  21. PS: As always....LOVE the pics!!!!


  22. Shoot, always a day late and a dollar short!


    I swear that last pic of Bennett to this day is one of my FAVES! Hope you all have a great celebration for him...he definitely deserves it. Thanks too for the hilarious flight visuals as I prepare to get on a flight in less than 3 weeks. Atleast connor will be on one side of me kicking the snot out of the seat in front of us. Fun times!

  23. Sorry I missed it, but Happy Birthday Bennett!!! Hope you enjoy your party this weekend!

    Ken, I'm hoping you are feeling a bit better now. Side effects to any drug suck no matter what. But as Telmo said, you really have to stick with a new drug for a couple weeks to allow your body time to adjust. Although, I can't really blame you for wanting off that crap ASAP with all those freaky side effects!


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