Saturday, November 7, 2009


Mmmm....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Oh, um, is this thing on?

Gonna have a good week. I've decided.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm also gonna write a week's worth of blogs today (Saturday) since I have nothing else that urgently NEEDS to be done other than laundry and getting ready to go to Baltimore tomorrow.

Let's start the week off early, TODAY, with some FUN. That's right, you heard me...let's have some fun. No, the Cymbalta has not kicked in yet...I'm just trying to stay positive and I'm in a good mood. It will be GREAT to see my friend and boss Mike tomorrow. I haven't seen him in 4 years. Talked an awful lot...just haven't physically met up.

Thinking about Mike and the old Palisades Days and the fun we used to have put me in the mood for a Contest. Something we used to do ALL the time on our company message board, which some readers here will remember. SO long ago, and yet not so long ago. See, I have my family/friend readers here I think, and another group of parents who blog or who have some connection to a child who has some kind of special, and difficult, circumstance. But the other group is comprised of the people who I still have 'online relations' with from the Palisades Forum days or the Creatus Maximus Forum days. (Which reminds me...I really need to shut that thing a Ghost Town now. I don't even post there.)

So, In honor of those days and in celebration of seeing Mike tomorrow, I am gonna have a contest. This is an EASY contest though, doesn't require a lot of work to enter.

You don't have to have any special art skills, Photoshop skills or whatever. You only need to know how to scan and post a photo somewhere or take a digital photo. ANYONE should be able to enter and win.

The contest is easy. It's simple. All you have to do is post a photo of you as a Kid compared to you right now. Since we are all kids at heart, and since I and many of you write about OUR kids most of the time, then why not celebrate it by showing our KID selves, for everyone to see?

Your photo must be of you between the age of 1-4 years and the other photo must be of you taken within the past 3 years. That's the only parameter. They don't HAVE to be side by side if you don't have any photo manipulation software. They can be posted separately.

What you ought to do is post the pics in your blog or wherever else you post pics, then come back here and put a link in the Comments section leading us to the photos. If you want to enter but HAVE no place to post a photo, then write me a note, I'll host your pic for free in my Photobucket.

The Grand Prize will go to a random winner. I will print out all the names of those who entered, put em in a hat, and pick a winner. See how easy that is? The winner receives a grab bag of very cool stuff, including toys, DVD's and a bunch of other items I have in my stash.

But trust me...and any of the people who frequented those old message boards will tell'll LOVE some of this stuff, some of which you can use with YOUR kid, some that will appeal to the kid in you NOW. I am always very generous with a Prize Grab Bag.

The deadline is a little more than one week from today, on Sunday November 15th, at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. So you have PLENTY of time.

That's it...ENJOY. And PLEASE least a few of you, don't let me embarrass myself and not have anyone do this. I want this to be a GOOD week, remember? And it's your job to help me. THIS HELPS ME.

Obviously, I am not going to ENTER the contest, but here you go...I am submitting a pic anyway. Just to show you the kind of thing you should do. This is a shot of me at the age of 1 and me at 41. The shot of my kids was taken PRE-seizures, the last photo taken of me that doesn't show the enormous stress and wear and tear this past year has had on me. I'm working on self, and will show you the results later, but for now, let's stick with this one, it's less harsh on the eyes.

Now, get cracking...and HAVE SOME FUN!!!!



  1. Wow! Awesome. I'll see what I can dig up. But you know, I kind of want to see a picture of you at 1 compared to your boys each at 1 because they look a lot like you!

  2. I have the perfect infant picture of myself, but I don't think I have a good picture of 33 year old me. No one ever takes my picture now.

    But I never win anything, but I'll enter anyway, I'm a glutton for punishment.

  3. Ha, I'm a dork about stuff like this. I can't turn down a contest ; )

  4. Ok, off to find some kind of baby picture--those are pretty much in my mom's domain, but I'll see what I can find.

  5. Ouch! I was with you up until the present day photo. Everyone has that cute baby photo, but I'm down for the count.
    Good Luck to all the brave ones! you all should get a prize.

  6. Oh phoo, I jumped the gun when reading this and looked for photos of me in my homemade micronaut space glider costume, then realised what age range you wanted after the fact. Ah well. Didn't find the costume either, but found some other fun related pics (all too much older as well though) I'll have to share later.

  7. That baby pic is funny Karen. Why do they do that giant head thing in the bg of some studio photos? I never understood that. Always kind of freaked me out on mine. :)

  8. I don't need to win anything, but here's a Then & Now pic for you:

  9. Lol I know right. It's pretty crazy. Do they still do that?

  10. This so fun I had to do it~


  11. After seeing the pictures of your collection I gotta get in on this one! That's gotta be one awesome grab bag! :)

    Actually it just seemed like a fun idea.

    Here's a little bit of "Me then/me now"

  12. Here is my Then and Now pictures, if the award was to the one that grew the ugliest I would win, hands down.

  13. Well, aren't I embarrassed. Figured I'd have more entries, but that's what I get fer figurin'...

    Winner is?


    Lori, just send your address to me at and I will send your box of goodies out this coming week!

    Thanks to you who chose to participate!


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