Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Party on the Field

I totally forgot to post some pictures of that event I went to in Baltimore two weekends ago. Meant to. Plum slipped my mind. Well not totally. I did actually post a HUGE album of them on Facebook, but not everyone here has Facebook.

Essentially, these photos are but a few from a party hosted by the company I work for at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, November 8th, 2009. Food in a really nice suite while the Ravens got beat by the Bengals in Cincinnati on HD TV, and then the guys all got the opportunity to play 2-Hand touch football on the actual field.

GREAT experience to be on that field, and touch that logo, and see the stadium from that perspective. I did not case you were wondering. I am far too fragile in the degenerated disc category to take a chance on throwing out my back. So I decided to take pics, and lots of them.

Tough to shoot in that light, with the sun creeping across the field, so some of it is a little hinky. But hey, with the camera rig I have, I actually think they turned out pretty cool. And besides, it was a helluva lot of fun, and that's what mattered in the end. Best part about it was seeing Mike and Kate again after what, around four years? Felt just like old times. Groovy.



  1. Dude. I think you are still under waranty if you want to trade in your body...

    Sorry about the disks. That must have been awesome for a football affectionado like yourself.

  2. Sweet experience.

    I haven't been to Heinze Field yet, but I was on the old Three Rivers' Field.

  3. Looks like a great time for old friends to hook up again.....A well-deserved break from all this medical crap....


  4. Richard:
    This was for me like it might be for you to go to the Sistine Chapel. IN fact I never actually walked ON the logo on the field. To me it was sacred ground.

    I'll have to dig up some pics that my friend Mike took when he was out there to visit for the MVP business. He took a couple of shots of the empty stadium while they got their tour.

    Plus, the real treat was actually seeing folks I had not seen in four years. I may live in Ohio, but I will always consider Baltimore my home I miss it terribly.


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