Saturday, November 28, 2009


Did I have a 'good' Thanksgiving? Many people have asked me this in the last 24 hours. Not particularly. I am so focused in on all the negative crap in our lives I haven't yet evolved to that person I hope to be at some point in all of this. That person who starts looking more at the positive and less of the negative. And the new anti-depresso and anti-freakout drug I am consuming takes many weeks to really start making a difference. (That's cool with me, I did not want a repeat of the weird-o-licious symptoms within 72 hours of being on Cymbalta.)

Anyway, after Thursday's downer post (the subject matter of which contributed to my Thanksgiving ennui with much greater intensity than I thought it would), I wanted to do just do a mish-mash. My thoughts and feelings today are quite random, and my writing is reflective of that.

Essentially what that means is that today I'm bored, have nothing really that interesting to write about so I am just sitting here clacking away in the hope that something will just come to me.

Besides, my only other choice would be to write about how concerned I am about Bennett's latest regressions or about how nervous I am about our upcoming 2-day trip to the Cleveland Clinic for Bennett's first of many new serialized MRI and tests, and I don't have the energy for that.

You know how I like to occasionally pepper my blog posts with photos that are not my own? For effect...sometimes I do it just to make a point, sometimes I do it to make a joke, sometimes I do it just because people like to look at pictures and it helps to break up the monotony of a ton of text, and I am one wordy sumbitch.

When I go searching for these pictures, sometimes I find the ODDEST things. Check this out. I found this one while searching for a Minnesota Vikings jersey actually for a work thing. I can't remember exactly what I typed into my Google Image search, but one of the pics it spit back at me while trying to see how the Vikings jersey looked from the side was this.

Do chicks really wear this kind of thing? I guess somebody does.

Found this one while I was searching for something related to a statement I was making about how you can't dress up a turd or you can't turn shit into gold or something. I think the photo I used was of a Shit Trophy in bronze, but this one was pretty funny. Someone actually DRESSED up like a turd.

Now THAT'S a clever costume.



  1. I could be wrong, but I think she's a Hershey's kiss.

    I'm sure the Viking costume is for Halloween--people will dress up as anything for Halloween.

    the idea of serial MRI's would make me tired to.

  2. Oh, God, that's funny. What would we do without Google?

  3. Katy, I looked real close at the costume and that band. I get why you might think Kiss, but it's definitely a pile o' poop.

  4. Or a melty Hershey's kiss. :)

    I woke up cranky...and funky today...and certainly empty on the clever.

    So don't mind me barking at you...

    GET THAT EEG!!!!!

    You need to get it done. I know...God do I know how awful and dreaded they are. But you need to see what's going on inside his head...and MRI is good for one angle. EEG for another.

    I'm sucking it up and going in for a 48 hour this week.

    I'm only mean and bossy cause I love you.


  5. I'd hoped it was a melty Heshey's kiss :)

    Good luck at CC.

  6. The poop costume is...interesting. I hope it did not come with a scratch and snif feature.

    As for the "other" costume...There is such a thing as "role-play" in the bedroom. Perhaps this is for those with a Viking fetish....

    Sorry for the regressions...I had hoped your Thanksgiving would be a good one...Maybe Christmas will bring something unexpected and positive with Bennett.

  7. Cat thing at the top....freakishly fabulous...I just love that one.


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