Tuesday, December 1, 2009


That means...Cleveland Clinic Canceled.

We were scheduled to go up yesterday for the first of many MRI for Bennett and some other appointments. Guess who, on Sunday night, started having a temperature? By Monday, it had increased to around the 103-104 mark for a brief period, so off to the Pediatrician we went.

Swollen tonsils, congestion, no Strep Throat and the doc figured since he is in a 'high-risk' group and probably has the flu, she put him on Tamiflu. We called CC, and they said Um...Nope. We can't put him under in that condition. Try Again.

And now we wait...to try to get everything aligned for the next attempt at coordinating all these docs to make the trip up there.

And hey...those vaccines sure worked, huh? SO happy we had him go through that.

End of Update...


  1. Our kids keep us hopping. Hope he's feeling better soon!

  2. I hope Bennett feels better soon. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  3. Sorry, hon. The whole flu shot thing is such a gamble anyway.

    But maybe...this could mean you can do the EEG there too?

    I know...I know. You can cyber slap me for trying to make it sound positive. :)



  4. Did he get both flu shots or just the swine flu one? The swine flu one is the more important one but it doesn't prevent seasonal flu, which requires a separate vaccine.

    If he did get both, remember, they target specific flu virus strains--the most prevalent ones. The problem with flu viruses is that they are constantly evolving and there are always less common ones that can be missed. That said, the chances are still pretty low, and likewise there is a very small chance the immune system won't successfully develop the immunity from the vaccine. They'd only move around more virulently without the vaccines.

    Also the vaccines take up to 2 weeks to become fully effective. He may have gotten it too late. :(

    It's also possible it's not a flu, but some other random flu-like thing.

    Here's what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about this:

    There are several reasons why someone might get flu-like symptoms even after they have been vaccinated against the flu.

    1. People may be exposed to an influenza virus shortly before getting vaccinated or during the two-week period that it takes the body to gain protection after getting vaccinated. This exposure may result in a person becoming ill with flu before the vaccine begins to protect them.

    2. People may become ill from other (non-flu) viruses that circulate during the flu season, which can also cause flu-like symptoms (such as rhinovirus).

    3. A person may be exposed to an influenza virus that is not included in the seasonal flu vaccine. There are many different influenza viruses and this year there is a new and very different flu virus spreading worldwide among people called 2009 H1N1 flu. The seasonal flu vaccine will not provide protection against 2009 H1N1 flu. This year there is also a 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine. The 2009 H1N1 vaccine is not intended to replace the seasonal flu vaccine – it is intended to be used along-side seasonal flu vaccine.

    4. Unfortunately, some people can remain unprotected from flu despite getting the vaccine. This is more likely to occur among people that have weakened immune systems. However, even among people with weakened immune systems, the flu vaccine can still help prevent influenza complications. For more information about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine, see How Well Does the Seasonal Flu Vaccine Work? http://www.cdc.gov/Flu/about/qa/vaccineeffect.htm

  5. Sorry that happened. Hope he feels better soon.

  6. So sorry to hear about this. I hope he's feeling better soon and you don't have to do too much finagling around to get those tests done.

  7. Just a question....did Bennett receive the non-active version of the flu shot? I know here in NY, you had to specifically request the non-active otherwise you got the active shot and that gives you the flu.

  8. Flu shots are never 100%, they only cover the known stains, not the new mutations, and there have been mutations this year.

    Most of the classes I teach has around 24 to 26 students each, and in this past month I've had most classes reduced to 5 to 7 students because most of them are home with a cold or with the flu.

    And some even with swine flu.

    Sucks you can't make your appointment at the CC, but I'm sure everything will work out soon enough.

    Best wishes on Bennett's recovery from his ailment, be it a cold or the flu. Neither is pleasant, for him, or those who take care of him.

  9. Oh no! I HATE this for y'all! Our kids can have some WONDERFUL timing, can't they?

    Colby started up today w/terrible sneezing, runny eyes, nose, mores seizures....But I am pretty sure it is just his usual allergy thing raring it's head...We got the H1N1 shot 2 wks ago today, and they told us it could take 2-3 weeks to work...I'm still keeping people away....

    But I'm like you....Sometimes we put them through things and wonder if it was for no reason...

    Hope he feels better SOON and no one else gets it!



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