Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Cute PRE-Christmas Pics

Still from the Facebook upload last week. Haven't 'processed' the stuff from our weekend trip or the good Christmas morning stuff yet. Soon...soon...patience. Besides, I have to get the most out of my content. Waddya gonna do? Besides, pictures of kids are ALWAYS fun.

Bennett is sick today. Poor little guy. Sounds like he has a chest full of phlegm...sucks. You can't give kids his age any Mucinex or anything. Hopefully he'll cough all that junk up soon and be done with his illin'. He's been sick a lot lately...but that, actually, is about the most normal thing about him being 2 years and 2 months old. They get sick a lot.

Anyway...on to the pics...which are all technically 'PRE'-Christmas Day, actually. A smattering of Pre-Christmas events, the 'Layton Christmas Party' and the 'Lilly Thanksmas'. 'Thanksmas' is what I call our new tradition of my Mom and my Step-Dad coming up from Arkansas between Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate both holidays. Just occurred to me though...I did not bake a turkey. Dammit...completely forgot. Next year.

OK, now...REALLY on with the pics this time...



  1. Luke got the same farm yard set as Bennett for Xmas. He'll be 2 in January :) Very cool.

    Normal is overrated by the way. Who wants to be 'normal'? Not me!!

  2. Ken, they now make a children's version of mucinex. I'm not sure how old the child has to be before taking it, but generally anytime after two kids can take children's medicine. It's the infants that can't take any cold meds anymore....which TOTALLY SUCKS cuz they can't do a thing to help themselves with congestion.

    Love the pics. That Santa outfit is just too cute.

  3. Great pics, love the Santa suit!
    Hope Bennett feels better soon!

  4. The pics are super cute...

    hope you survived the holidays! :)

    Wishing you and your family a better 2010...health and peace!

  5. Have a nice digestion, so you can regurgitate for us later.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Lilly Family.

    Oh, go to this Link, I think there's something you'll like to see:


  6. Oh, the Santa suit is too cute.

    You should make spaghetti. We always have spaghetti for Christmas. It's red so it's festive and also, a lot easier to make than a turkey.


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