Monday, December 7, 2009

MVP All Over the Place!

So you know I work for a company called MVP Collection, right? If you didn't, you do now. Essentially I am the product development guy there as I was at Palisades and ReSaurus before that. We make, currently, busts and statues of players from the NFL. Well, some news about that.

The first bust we are releasing is Troy Polamalu, in a black jersey and also in a white jersey. They are now for sale in a TON of places. You can buy them at our website, which is in the midst of a re-design, check out the awesome new Troy Polamalu Product Page.

But if you like buying from other locations, we are on a BUNCH of sites. My favorite, of course, is It makes me all a-tingly with giddiness to see a product I worked on at an online store like this where I myself have spent a TON of money.

We are also at Modells, Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, Dunham Sports, Olympia Sports, MC Sports, CBS Sports Store and many others. It's go get yourself a couple for you or the Steelers fan in your life!


  1. Where's Adesta- she should be chiming in any minute. I bet she's already bought hers!

  2. lmao Jen. I was just gonna comment that I know what I want for Christmas!!! Specially since Polamalu is my absolute FAVORITE Steeler.

    Great job Ken. They look fantastic! Can't wait to get one! I'll make sure to point the hubby in this direction tonight. *grin*

  3. oh and to be able to say I know who designed this.....that's just fantastic!!!!

  4. What, now you're going to be famous? Your talent has always deserved more recognition, I thought.

  5. Congratulations on the release!

  6. I should have added a big congrats on there.

    Though I am not a huge football fan, I can't imagine the pride you feel in something like this, that you have worked so hard at, going to market, especially such a huge market.

    Definitely awesome!

  7. Ken...Your talent is AMAZING! Who knows where this is going to take you? WOW! Fantastic!!!



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