Wednesday, December 02, 2009

One Full Year

At approximately 10:48 A.M., the very minute that this blog goes live today, one year ago, on December 2nd, 2008, I inhaled a long drag from a cigarette, put the cigarette out in a Coke can as was my habit, threw the Coke can in the trash and went back into the house.

It was the very last cigarette I have ever smoked.

That's right, you heard me. Me, the guy that tried and failed and tried and failed SO many times in my life to quit the habit that I didn't even really START until I was 21 years old, was finally able to give the damn things up for good.


An entire year.

Now THAT'S worth a giant pat on the back. I think one of the reasons I stayed quit this time was because I never went back and dabbled. I never said I'll just have this one and see how it tastes/feels, I never said at a function or with a drink Well, it's OK to just have one now and again.

There was none of that this time.

Not that I don't miss it from time to time, because there are times I really do. After meals, with a steaming hot cup of afternoon tea, after the horizontal shuffle, while driving on long trips, when I need to get out of a crowded room and just leave some of the chaos of the crowd behind me, and all those other times when we nasty smokers would crave the death sticks.

Not that I don't regret the 20+ pounds I've packed on IN A YEAR. Cause I do. That's nuts. But in the end, I can always tackle the weight and make that a priority for my overall health...although admittedly over the past 10 months being able to get that motivation to tackle the weight has been lacking.

However, I also must recognize that over the past ten months not a soul on this planet would have BLAMED me at all for picking up a cigarette again. In fact, many people cite the fact that I didn't during this hugely stressful time as an amazing achievement. Perhaps it is. I dunno. Frankly it's easy to stay motivated to not smoke when your child has a brain tumor. I wouldn't want any residual particle of nastiness on my clothes to mess with him in any way. I smoked outside but that shit lingers.

Besides, I would not want my kids to be influenced by my actions. Carter already imitates a ton of the bad habits I often reveal to him in my daily actions, NO reason at all to let him think it's OK to puff away.

So that's it, just thought I'd share. There are still some mighty mountains for me to climb in my life as far as overall health, and especially mental health. But smoking? It just isn't who I am anymore.

And I'm proud of that.

Very, very proud.



  1. Congratulations Ken! Quitting smoking is a very hard task to do. I used to smoke myself and quit cold turkey 9 years ago this month. I quit for my father, it was my Christmas gift to him since he hated that I smoked. Sure, there are some serious times where I'd love another one now and then, but I know that if I do, he's gonna roll in his grave and then come haunt me! :)

  2. You should be proud. (((pat on the back))) from me.

  3. Congrats Ken. Quite an achevement!

  4. That it HUGE...especially with all the stresses of the past year...way to go!

  5. WOO HOO! Ive been 4 years Biotch! Its so great keep it up! I prefered to call myself a "social smoker" LOL

  6. I am super proud of you too.What a gift to yourself and your family.Quit the day I found out I was pregnant with our first.Never went back.that was nearly 23 years ago.

  7. that's awesome! You know what that means as well...on any insurance policies that you may have which ask the question, "are you a smoker?" You can say no! They want to know if you've smoked for a year....

    I still smoke all the time. I suck :D

  8. Fantastic Ken! That's worth a heck of a lot.

  9. SUPER!!! WAY TO GO!!!
    I am so proud of you!!!

  10. Ohh...good post for today. I have tried so many times to quit smoking. I can quit no's staying quit that I struggle with lol. For the same reasons...I think that if I am having a drink, it's ok to have one. Or like today for instance. I thought since it has been almost a month, I can just have one. I'm craving one. But I know where it will lead, so fuck it.
    Appreciate the motivation : ) Good job on going a year. Hopefully I will be saying that in eleven months from now.

  11. Congratulations! That's a big thing to do cold turkey.

    *gives you a standing ovation*

  12. Good on you.

    And you'll never feel the smell of cigarette smoke the same again.

    Boy did we use to stink when we were smoking. Hair, clothes, skin. Our very presence would make a whole room smell of smoke.

    You'll hate it from now on.

  13. Awesome, congrats! Starting a car ride was always the toughest for me. It was also somewhere in year two where the smell of smoke changed from a mouth watering smell to a "what the hell is that?" smell. quite a revelation.

  14. That is certainly a wonderful acheivement!

    And like you said...With all that y'all have been through this year, and STILL NO CIG? WOW!

    Thankfully, I never smoked....Because if I did, I'd be a chimney now...I KNOW I would be! Ugh!

    Congrats again!


  15. Congratulations. My brother's girlfriend successfully quit and then Katrina hit and she was back. Took her another year to quit them again. Staying strong this year was quite an achievement.

  16. Congratulations! That's awesome.

  17. Good Job!!!!! I've been down that road too. My favorite thing in the whole world USE to be A diet coke with a snickers bar and cigarette after... will always miss that!

    But I can LIVE without it!
    Give yourself a mighty pat on the back!


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