Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Weekful (Sorta) of Kubricks (Part 2)

Today we continue to do what we'll be doing all week...taking a look at the Kubrick figures that have been added to my collection over the course of 2009. Some are very old, that I just happened to be able to get this year, some are new. All are cool.

Well, I think they are anyway...and that's all that matters.

First up we have some samples from the Kubrick Spawn line. Gotta be honest. Never liked Spawn. Thought the comic book was pretty bad, frankly, and I was into comics then. But truthfully there were a lot of VERY successful, yet very badly written, comics in those days. That wouldn't prevent me from getting their Kub counterparts though, I just have waited to get these DIRT cheap. Still have a ways to go to complete the whole set, but again...patience...

Next up, since we are in superhero mode, let's look at some stuff from Watchmen. Now Watchmen? GREAT book. One of the greatest of all time, in fact. The film adaptation from this past year of the comic? One of the greatest comic book ADAPTATIONS to ever see film.

Medicom released six main characters from the Watchmen film, and you can see those here. Here in the states, they came out as two 3-packs, shown below.

Of course, I had to rip these right out of the packages and start shooting. Here are the six loose. I screwed up Nite Owl though, his cowl is crooked, and Rorschach's hat is too, but what the hell...

There is a 'chase' (which means hard to find and way too expensive) figure of Dr. Manhattan in full suit. But frankly? I have enough suit Kubrick figures...I can easily make my own.

While we are still on the subject of the superhero, how about this? An EXTREMELY cool electro-plated Silver Surfer from The Fantastic Four that K.S. just outright GAVE to me as a gift. What's better than a shiny Kubrick figure? A FREE shiny Kubrick figure!

Last but not least, here is a cool Disney superhero I recently re-acquired. The Rocketeer, one of my all-time favorite pulp hero designs. Ever. But I could go on and on about pulp stuff until I am as blue as Dr. Manhattan, so I'll stop there.

That's it for today's stuff. Tomorrow? Yup...more of the same bullshit.


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  1. The Where the Wild Things Are figures were pretty cute, but I really like that chick with the cat-eyes. You should post their names somewhere--dummies like me don't know much about this stuff.


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