Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Weekful (Sorta) of Kubricks (Part 3)

OOPS! Forgot to set this to go live this morning!

Today we continue taking a look at the Kubrick figures that have been added to my collection over the course of 2009. Some are old, only added this year, some are new. All are cool. That never changes.

First up we have a couple of chase figures from The Matrix trilogy. The Architect and the Keymaker. Both were hard to find, but got them this year at a good price. Thus completes is my Matrix Kubs collection, by the way.

Next, since we are in sort of a miscellaneous movie Kubrick mode, the 2-pack of John Connor and a Terminator-ish Bearbrick based on last summer's Terminator: Salvation. A movie I have still not seen. Wasn't a lot of time for movie-watchin' this past year.

Next a set of three from Tim Burton's holiday classic, A Nightmare Before Christmas. Still need a set or two to complete that set, but picked these up for a good price. Nice to have Sally finally.

Another film I never saw was The Blair Witch Project. And to think that this Medicom toy company saw some value in making a set of Kubs based on that film is astonishing to me. But they did, and I picked a set up this year at next to nothing.

Lastly we have a 400% Kubrick. Sometimes they take one of these 3-inch Kubrick figures and blow it up to mammoth size. They call it a 400% Kubrick. Original, huh? They've done it to quite a few figures, though I don't have very many of them. Mainly because the beauty of the Kubrick, to me anyway, is in its small size. But, when they do icons like Darth Vader or Indiana Jones, I can't say no.

That's it for today's stuff. Tomorrow? Yup...more of the same bullshit.


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