Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fledgeling Ass-Kicker update on Bennett and all that stuff. Still want to, but I'm having a difficult time putting everything down in a manner that pleases me. Scratch that...not pleases a manner that is as precise as I want to be. Not sure why precision means that much to me, sometimes I just let my cyber-lips flap away, but these are dangerous grounds sometimes, and I want to be sure I say exactly what I mean and mean exactly what I say.

And yet, despite the numerous starts/deletes on a Bennett-Specific update, I am still compelled to put SOMETHING in here, if for anything else just to let those that read this blog (as a way of keeping tabs on whether or not I've finally jumped into the Great Abyss) know that I haven't, as yet, taken that plunge. the meantime, enjoy this picture of Carter in his Taekwondo uniform, not sure what the technical name is of the outfit. He did NOT want this picture taken, for some odd reason.

Anyway...he is up and down about whether he digs Taekwondo or not. Sometimes he says he likes it, sometimes he says he wants to stop. Never know if I should push him or let him so what he wants. That's one of many aspects of parenting a kid when it comes to sponsored activities that I am FAR from really knowing what the hell I am doing.

I do think it's funny that the World Taekwondo Federation initials, that they use on their stuff, is WTF. That always makes me laugh.

But I'm easy.



  1. Ah, don't feel bad, I found the whole WTF thing funny too Ken!

    I'm thinking of signing my oldest two up for TaeKwonDo....Lord knows Marissa could use the movement and Haylee certainly needs the discipline! lol

  2. When it's that hard for me to say, or put in the proper words, I just end up blurting it out.

    Sometimes it's the greatest release, and sometimes it's the most social uncomfortable thing.

    Still it goes into the past.

  3. My brother and husband both got a lot out of martial arts. I think it's good for kids self-esteem and all that.

  4. Well you could take the "Modern Family" approach and assume WTF means 'why the face'. Of course, maybe that's funnier :)

  5. I *heart* modern family! My newest must watch.

    I completely understand the needing to word things perfectly. never fails. Whenever I try there is still someone out there to notice whatever it is that I didn't get just quite right. Gotta love those peeps. :)


  6. Very cool that Carter is in TKD. Why aren't you? You know what they say about physical exercise and depression. (I just remembered you said something about your back not being in the best repair....sorry...Martial Arts are cool!
    Though I have dropped out of the blog-o-sphere lately, I have not dropped out of my appreciation for you. You and fam. cross my thoughts and prayers every night.
    (I played Dead Space so much I finally finished it...twice. I heard Dead Space 2 is in development.)


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