Sunday, January 31, 2010

RMH Funkiness

In Cleveland now, staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

A bit of funkiness this trip. Whoever stayed in the room before us did NOT clean the sheets. As I took them out of the closet to make the beds I noticed a bit of a funkiness to them.

No outright BO or foul smell, just...not right. They did not smell like freshly laundered sheets. Of course, it's late on a Sunday night, the Linen closet is locked and I have no desire to go bother the night caretaker. So I go to the laundry room to wash the sheets myself.

All out of soap.

Someone did not refill all the pre-measured soap cups. So, I looked in the bin of all the soap cups that people had dumped their liquid detergent into their laundry from and then tossed in the bin. Took me 20 painstaking minutes, but I managed to consolidate some of all that into a full cup.

Sheets are being cleaned as I write.

Tomorrow only one appointment with the Epileptologist, probably just to go over the medications, ask follow-up questions and the like. I expect no major issues tomorrow other than Bennett getting extremely bored, and maybe us too.

Tuesday is the MRI. Let's hope that there's nothing growing in his melon except the good stuff. I assume we will go over MRI results with the folks we have appointments with that afternoon.

You know...I appreciate the RMH charity in a major way, I really do. But holy cheese I hate staying here. It is SO fucking sad. So many kids, so many issues with them. It only adds to an otherwise overloaded mental weight. But, like I said...I appreciate the charity. In our current financial situation staying at the hotel next door just isn't in our budget.

So, we'll hide in the room as much as we can. Read, play with Bennett and I'll try to avoid so much contact with the occupants of the house. It is just killing me this time out to see them. Or...I may take a different approach if I can find the balls. I might just go around and start up some conversations and see where it leads.

But gotta LOCATE the balls first. And those babies are pretty shriveled with cowardice at facing these medical issues of late.

Anyway...probably by now the sheets are ready for the dryer. Wish me luck. I'm hoping there is a fabric softener sheet lying around.



  1. This is Joyce. Damn, sorry I am just reading this or I would have brought you clean sheets. call me if you need anything else while your in Cleveland. Remember I live only 10 minutes from the Clinic. 216-780-5916.

  2. I hope the appointments go well. You might want to talk to the social worker while you are there too. It might help.

  3. Look at you, Mr. Mom. Man I hate laundry mats...we had to go recently to get caught up on Christmas laundry.
    I hope you get a couple of answers to the 100s of unanswered questions you have.

  4. Hi Ken,
    Thought it a good idea to check in on you all. Sounds like Bennett is doing quite well. I understand how you feel about the delays though. You think once the magic wand of seizure control has been struck things will even out. I think about you and your family often. Hope all goes well in Cleveland.
    Adelle & Noah.

  5. I'm WAY behind on reading....I'm sure by now you are back home safe and sound...

    I had to giggle at your post....I love the way you express yourself...Even in your less than stellar surroundings, your humor still finds it's way through in the way you choose your words...



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