Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Birds. One Stone.

A little backstory.

Over the Post-Christmas weekend, I went with Jen and our boys to a small town near Cincinnati for a Christmas party there attended by the folks from Jen's Dad's side of the family. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast overnight. Very cool. A good time was had by all. Now, my sister-in-law Mandy has a couple of boys, Jackson and Anthony, and they were there too.

Well, I had my laptop, was showing some people a bunch of photos on my computer. Mandy comes over and I show her some shots of her kids and Bennett that Jen took with her camera that Mandy had never seen. Later, she asked if I'd hook her up with some. Sure. Why not?

But, you know me...if I have One Stone (a photo project) and Two Birds to Kill (a request for said photos and a Blog to keep updated) then why not take advantage of it?

SO...Mandy, here are the ones I could find. Just click the pics to go to the larger pic, and then download the large pic. The rest of ya? Just enjoy all the rampaging CUTENESS...

Now...I have GOT to get around to sorting through all my Christmas pics.



  1. We truly have the cutest kids ever! Thanks for posting - good luck with the Christmas pics...that's one chore I'm not ready for yet.

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  3. So cute Ken!!!

    Is that a Mets shirt that Mandy's son has on???

    Bennett looked so content to be all snuggled up with his cousin.

  4. I love the thumb-sucker. I have one of my own!

  5. And "Cuteness" it is! LOVE the one of Bennett laying in Carter's lap...Reminds me of Shawn & Colby years ago....LOVE the "bro shots"...



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