Sunday, January 3, 2010

Win...And In...

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, who, despite a dismal 9-7 season, managed to squeak into the playoffs by beating the Raiders today. Second year in a row that we've made the playoffs. Nice.

And, since Wes Welker may be SERIOUSLY injured now, our chances of a win in New England just improved. Now is the time though...Baltimore has never beaten New England in their young history as far as I know, and I hope this is the time that our losing streak against them ends.

Should be a fun wild card weekend. I will be alone most of that weekend as Jen is taking the kids up to her sister's, so it'll just be me, football, X-Box 360 and take-out.



  1. Congrats. Unfortunately, the Steelers had to rely on too many teams for them to make the playoffs and no one helped out, including your

    Not only is Welker out, but Brady is hurting too, which is always a good thing. I really can't stand Brady.

    Cincy better bring their game next week if they want a shot at beating the Jets. Last night was just embarassing.

  2. Go pick up Modern Warfare 2 and maybe you, me, Luke and Mike (Perfect Bebop) can have a killing party next weekend.

  3. I'm sure your Ravens will play respectably next week in Boston, so that when they lose against my Pats, you'll still be able to hold your head up high :)


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