Monday, February 22, 2010

An Unusual Change of Pace

For the last couple of weeks, when Bennett needed to be taken to his new school (it's called Step By Step Academy, by the way), I would do the driving. I'd make a right on the first main road to go in the opposite direction and get Carter to his pre-school, then I'd turn around and head in the other direction to head to SBSA (what I will call Bennett's school from here on out).

All in all? I was spending around 3 hours in the car/loading and unloading kids.

Now keep in mind something you might not be aware of. Very late last year I was temporarily laid off. Not sure when I will be back to work if at all, though the plan is that I will be at some point. That's something I haven't blogged about yet, and I will certainly go into more detail on a future post, but at least for the immediate time being I am unemployed. Again.

So I didn't mind the driving, it was cool with me, and it certainly was less of a burden on Jennifer.

But it's a lot of gasoline, which ain't cheap, and while I can make some money doing some freelance and eBay to keep us afloat for awhile (though I may be going into the unemployment office as well), Jennifer decided that rather than work from home (like she has been doing for the last couple of years) she would go back to her office.


Because SBSA is actually on the way to her office. So instead of me driving a double commute (drive-out/drive-back then drive-out/drive-back) she will be doing a single commute and handling kid transport.

My role now changes to still get up in the A.M., but instead I now do what she was doing...get the kids dressed and fed and ready for the day. That all started today, and went off without much of a hitch.

But now?

Wow, the house is so eerie. So quiet.

It has been a LONG time since I have been in the house alone during the day. Jen and I were both working from home and even though we didn't hang out all day we would bump into each other, sometimes have lunch together and so on.

But now it's back to just me.

Feels weird. I'll get used to it certainly, but for now anyway, it's just strange.

Anyway, that's the news from Lillyville. Bennett hasn't progressed a TON since starting SBSA only because he hasn't been there all that much lately. Last week he was there ONE day. Monday was a holiday. Tuesday we got hit with snow and they were closed. Two days he had rhea that made his butt so sore and red that he screamed as if we were torturing him when we changed his diaper.

The other day left in that week he was at SBSA.

He is repeating a bit more often now though. I can say 'Dee-Dee' or 'Ma-Ma' and 6-7 out of 10 times he will repeat it. No 'Da-Da' in there at all yet. I do miss him saying it, but I'll take 'Dee-Dee' for now.



  1. Sorry to hear about your job. Do hope you're able to get something steady soon--money issues are so stressful.

    You may find you like the peace a quiet. I think I might. . .

  2. I would LOVE some peace and quiet. But, as always, the grass is always greener on the other side. Something pretty drastic would have to happen for that to occur. I hope work picks up soon and that the peace and quiet will have you in the trenches of work.

    How does Bennett like SBSA?

  3. Hey. That is awesome about the repetition, even if there's no "da-da" yet. And I hear you about being home. I was laid off from work in October, and a lot of times I have the house to myself. I'm working from home (I do writing), and it feels downright luxurious to be able to just focus as I sat in my armchair with my laptop and write. I hope you find work soon. Meanwhile, feel free to email me during the day as I am around!

  4. We're not far behind you on the school front- September for Marissa. Good to hear about the speech repetition!

  5. I sure am hopeful about the repetition...perhaps it would have been helpful to tell you all that, following the surgery, that Bennett would basically be starting from scratch as far as communication skills acquisition goes....I don't have any research to back that up...but it sure seems that he is following that path.

  6. Sorry to hear about your unemployment. My husband was just unemployed for almost a year, and it was very stressful! He held a lot of auctions on e-bay! Your artistic talent is apparent in your blog and I'm sure you'll find something soon. Good luck!

  7. Hate that about your job right now...I am sure they will get you back in there soon....It's a good thing that you are as creative as you are and can find other ways to make some cash...

    LOVE the repetition thing....That is a HUGE step!! And, hey, if you are like me, you are happy to answer to just about ANYTHING!!!

    Keep us posted on the school....

    Take care...


  8. This can be the time to re-invent oneself.

  9. Sorry to hear about the job thing. That sucks. My husband was out of work when I was pregnant with our first daughter and it was a nightmare! Good luck!

    Great to hear that Bennett is doing the repetition. I guess he could be like my oldest when she was finally learning to talk at age 4, she called everyone mama for a long time. Once she started saying dada, hubby was like, I miss the mama thing cuz then I didn't have to answer her!!! lol

  10. At age 2 I was praying for speech from Austin. At age 7, I am praying for peace and quiet. Even 5 minutes of silence from him would be great sometimes. :) That whole grass greener thing, as Elaine said.

    Hope you get back to work soon!

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