Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Article on Epilepsy

Jen, who writes the blog Austin, Ben, Connor, passed along an article to me and some others about Epilepsy. Asked me to keep passing it along, so I am doing so gladly.

You can grab it one of two ways. You can download the original PDF File which, for the uninitiated you use Acrobat Reader to view. OR I also converted it to a fairly decent sized JPEG and you can click the thumbnail below to see a much larger version that you can read with any program you use to look at JPEG's.




  1. WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing that one! I think I will repost it to my blog too, if that's alright!

    I think this article clearly states what those of us dealing with the comorbidity already suspect: that everything is part of a greater whole that should be treated as that whole, not pigeon-holed into their respective specialities (did I use the word whole/hole too many times in that sentence?).

  2. This might not be the place for this comment, but you know me! Just yammering away. I'd like to know more about the long-term effects of anti-convulsants and what they might be doing to people. Charlie has recently transitioned off of Phenobarb and the results have been very unexpected. Less sleep, but also better eye contact and more socially appropriate behaviors. Didnt' see that coming.

  3. Thanks for this. After fifteen years of dealing with my daughter's seizures, I rarely read an article that offers anything that I don't know, but this one added something! I found especially interesting the comments about making it a spectrum disorder -- I also am intrigued about the fact that medical students are woefully undereducated about it. Thanks, and I'll pass it on!

  4. See this is why I passed it on to you. I would never have figured out how to do that :)

  5. katy, I think that side effects vary greatly by body chemistry and temperament. When we went ON the phenobarb, Marissa got more sleep and better eye contact... go figure.

  6. I'm totally pulling a lazy blogger and linking over. :)


  7. This gives me some palpitations, wondering what we're in for with Ella. I've seen the link between seizures and autism in so many of our IS friends often enough, but it still hurts to think there is research to back it up.

    There's just so much that we still don't know about epilepsy and the brain in general, cause and effect, and all that. It really makes you wonder. . . I was reading just today about how little research is being done on epilepsy compared to other less common disorders and how that gap is widening all the time.

    One other thing that stands out to me: med students only hearing 1 to 2 lectures on epilepsy, not IS mind you, just epilepsy--about as broad a medical term as you can find out there. So you can imagine that most get through school having never heard of IS. No wonder so many of us have an uphill battle even getting our doctors to take us seriously in the beginning.


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