Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boy Oh Boy

Bennett is home sick again today. We think it is a sore throat. All indications are suggesting that. Sucks to not have him be able to TELL us what hurts, but a lot of the people who read this blog know exactly what I am talking about.

So it becomes Trial and Error Day, with a lot of screeching and wailing and sweating and throwing things and kicking and spitting stuff out. Not to mention what Bennett does.

Did I hook ya there? I hope so, I really tried.

So we'll see how he does. At the exact second I am writing this exact sentence he is laughing and playing. I like that. It changes on a dime, but for now, he seems OK. Hope it lasts for as long as it can.

Gonna be a long day, but I'll try to manage.

Jen is working from home today instead of going into the office, so 2 on 1 makes it a LOT easier. That and the fact is that lately he gets zero consolation from me. So when he has a fit of any kind (and by fit I mean when something I know not what but something happens that doesn't fit into his plan the way he needs it to) he will walk around in a circle on the lower floor of the house, through the kitchen, foyer, playrooms, back through the kitchen, screaming as loud as his lungs will allow.

I follow, try to pick him up, he wriggles away and screams more. Or then he will turn and reach for me, I will pick him up, he'll seem to settle, but then he figures out that while I have man-boobs they aren't quite as ample as Jen's and I have no hair for him to pull on for comfort (my back hair isn't quite long enough...yet).

So then he'll wriggle away with no concern for the height from which he might actually plummet if I didn't fight him for control, and I'll get him to the ground and he'll scream some more, continuing to walk the circle through the house. This can last for a half an hour.

No wonder his throat hurts huh?

Until Mom shows up. She picks him up and he quiets right down.

That sucks balls, let me tell you. Sucks them hard. Not that She can calm him down so easily, but that I can't. It really bugs me in a big, big way.

And FYI...that just happened between 'No wonder his throat hurts huh?' and 'Until Mom shows up.'

Fuck. Maybe it actually will be a very long day.



  1. Ken, try not to take Bennett's "preferance" for mom so hard. ALL THREE of my girls are that way when they aren't feeling well. And even though they are ALL daddy's little girls, they ONLY want Mommy when they are hurt or not feeling good. Maybe it's the deepset connection from us carrying them for the nine months, I don't know...But for as long as ever, women have been seen as the nurturing ones...

    Hoping that Bennett feels better soon. Could it be allergies and/or a sinus issue? My throat hurts every time my sinuses drain so that could be something to look into.

  2. It's the same here...not that it is of any comfort. Soph is a helluva lot better around me than around her Dad. Pisses him off royally, that does.

  3. Good post. Love the pics. Sorry...
    It sounds like he is going to continue to demand that you learn his language...before he learns yours.

  4. It's a mommy thing. I think we just ooze comfort...without trying. But maybe it's your kicking...hitting...spitting that's got him on edge? ;)

    Oh and took Trevy to his out-patient speech session yesterday. That was fun. She put him in a room where everything was accessible...which was mostly small and edible if you're an IS kid. I sat back and laughed (inside of course) while she attempted to talk to him and/or pull choking hazards from his hands before they made it to his mouth. She finally said "I don't think this is the best room for Trevor". Seriously...sister! That would be why my house is lacking decor! Anyway...all that to say...

    I added "can tell me where/what hurts" to his goals. Yesterday. I just thought it was interesting we were kinda living in a similiar zone.



  5. So maybe this will give you a sinister sort of satisfaction, my dear. When Joshua was an infant, I so looked forward to rocking my baby to sleep - and you know I had my own challenges to face when he was little. Every time we sat in that chair, he was nothing but irritated with me if he wasn't nursing. I was pretty good about keeping a feeding schedule so that wasn't always an option and, since you don't know the joys of having your life force sucked out through undetectably small holes in your skin, I'll tell you, it was not a truly relaxing time for me. Mum could sit and rock him for hours, content as can be, but I never did.
    (BTW I just realized that I can leave comments here. Little slow with the techie stuff ;)

  6. The preference thing cuts both ways- because when mine feel sick they run for me, and often manage to throw up all over me. It's their speciality. My husband got vomited on for the first time this month, and we've been in this parenting lark for over 6 years now. How is that fair??? Can you imagine the sympathy he got?

  7. It'll flip one day -- wait and see.

  8. SO SORRY. Yuck. Charlie had some un-identifiable bug last week and it was suuuuch a long week.

    This week I'm all "I remember why I like you!"

  9. Playing detective just really sucks BIG time....Never have been able to teach Colby where to point for pain....He will nod yes or no when you ask if something hurts...Problem is, he likes to tease with me and just laughs if he nods the wrong way....too confusing! So i just always end up guessing anyway....

    I HATE when they are sick and you can't figure it out...But it is true, they most always seem to prefer Mommy at those times in particular....As Mel said, though...Lucky you, missing the "up chucks"!!!



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