Monday, March 29, 2010

Maybe I'm On My Period

Maybe. I think men do have one a month. We just don't have the vagina cramps and junk. But once a month every dude I know has a down time. Mine has been the last few days. Just been bummed.

Shitty weekend, too.


Watched a movie last night that helped to continue the crap mood. It was called 'Up in the Air', some comedy/romance with George Clooney. That was Wife's Choice, by the way, I would have not picked it in several billion years. Not a happy ending and there were tons of scenes with people being laid off. I needed that like a hole in the head.

It was Jen's birthday this weekend. We went out on Saturday for that. First time out by ourselves in quite a while. And wouldn't you know it, we got into an argument within the first 15 minutes and so pretty much the rest of the day wound up being a complete turd.

I take full responsibility. The stuff she brought up was valid, I just am super sensitive about some things right now and didn't want to talk about this particular subject at this particular time. I wanted to get AWAY from my problems with that 'date', not talk about them.

Is what it is, though. Like I said. Shit happens.

I did, yesterday, have one bright spot. I finally, after months, picked up my camera and started taking tons of pictures of Bennett again. Remember how much I used to do that? Then for some reason after the holidays I just stopped. No idea why. Just did. Maybe I was just not digging the reminder of his delays.

I guess something clicked in me over the weekend and I got over the silliness of that thought, and started taking pics and little videos again. Felt good. Got some good shots I think, haven't loaded them into the computer yet. When I do, I'll be sure to post some.

Been playing a TON of X-Box 360 lately. Much to the chagrin of Mrs. Lilly, who thinks I am using it as a shield against coming to terms with certain aspects of Life. Um, yeah. Like I don't KNOW that? Of COURSE I have my head between my cheeks. Keeps my old-ass bloated bald head warm and toasty.

For a week or two it was Bioshock 2. Totally awesome. Loved it. Then a REAL change of pace now with LEGO Indiana Jones 2. I had started playing it when I got it for Christmas but put it down...thought it sucked. It's just different than the other LEGO games.

But now that I have given it some time, I find it superior in every way regarding play experience to the first one. The only thing that is a shitty aspect to the game is that the bulk of the gameplay focuses on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Holy smokes, Dr. Jones!

See, I would pay a LOT of money if someone could erase that film from my memory. What a tragedy to see how it tainted my love of all things Indy. Well, now that they did do that travesty of a film, I would be happy to see a reboot of the entire franchise. Treat it like Bond. Have anybody play Indy when the new one gets too old.

But wait til Lucas dies and someone else takes over the Lucas Empire. That way it might be good. The man has lost his ability to tell a good story.

Oh well...I'm done bitching.

Thanks for listening,



  1. Go here and laugh your PMS away.

  2. Glad you're back and hope you're feeling less blue, soon.

  3. I honestly don't think I've seen any of the Indiana Jones movies--maybe when I was a kid?

    Glad you're enjoying the game--I'll all about a littles escapism now and then.

  4. Period..... Perhaps

    phases of the moon......perhaps

    we just had a full moon

    Take it minute by minute. Be nice to yourself. Be nice to your wife. Try not to brood too much. It can get better.

  5. Obviously Sinade does not know you very well... You, brood?! Never! (wink). Myself, I have accepted it as a part of my life and have a good old brooding party once per day (thought I was going to say once per hour didn't you.)
    Fighting on date night...I HATE that...but, after we go SO long without being alone together...sometimes it takes a while to get into the US mode versus the PARENTS mode. Heck...I'm sure I've ordered food for my wife on a date by saying, "And Mommy will have..."
    Try again soon, I hope.

  6. (Sorry I spelled her name wrong.)

  7. This is Joyce. I had to pack up the PS3 and haul it down to a storage site. Call of Duty was becoming the norm in my house. Should I maybe come pack up your XBox too? One obervation: the withdrawl is painful for all involved, but once out of sight, work gets done:) Hang in there.

  8. Claire:

    Me too.

    WTF? Go rent Raiders of the Lost Ark like right now. You are missing out on one of the greatest film of our lifetimes. The second one is good, the third one is as good as the first one, if not moreso. Just don't watch #4. It will burn a hole in your eyes and scar you for eternity.

    I'm a born brooder and self-deprecatory. Well, not BORN that way, but turned that way after years of systematic circumstances.

    Got an X-Box yet? I want to play with you.

    Yeah, I've given some serious thought to packing it away for a while. My addiction is...intense.

  9. I know you brood. I've known that for the last year, Thats why I suggest not brooding.

    Doctor, doctor, my leg hurts when I do this.
    Stop doing it!


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