Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Me?

And I don't mean...'Why me having to have a child with Special Circumstances?'. Note the word 'Circumstances'. I refuse to use the word 'Needs'. Hey, some folks have a problem with the word 'Retarded', I have a problem with the phrase 'Special Needs'. But that's another story for another blog.

No, my title of 'Why Me?' refers to this.

Why in the world would any SpamBot actually take the time to post links to Asian Schoolgirl Porn in the comments section of my blog? I mean, listen...I'm an open-minded dude. You like that kind of thing? OK, do what you gotta do.

And hell, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a love for Ze Wimmens. In fact, a friend pointed out a few days ago that the ratio of pictures featuring Ze Wimmens is VERY high in the photos that appear in my blog header, which I change frequently.


There's an argument there I'm sure, and I would probably understand either side of the argument. To me, there isn't anything wrong and I don't show anything you wouldn't see on TV, but some others might say ' are THIS close to showing some nip in that sure you want to do that on a site that is read primarily by Mom's?'

I get that point.

Ain't CHANGING anything.

But I do get it. :)

But my point is...why have a SpamBot post a porn link here?

This I do NOT get.

I realize that we are talking about a computer program or something that goes around dropping it''stuff', wherever it can, but if you are going to take the time to design a program to go forth and commit Spamicide, wouldn't you be smart enough to do it so that it doesn't waste time or resources committing this act on a fairly insignificant website?

I mean...the blog is significant to ME, in the small scheme of things...I get something out of writing it, and there are a few people who like to read it. But there is only a very small following, not that many 'readers', or 'hits', so why not alter your program to avoid sites like mine (those that have low traffic and such), and only target those sites that might yield a few more people who might be into your porn?

Makes no sense.

Anyway, that's my long-winded (SHOCKER) explanation as to why now I have re-instated the Word Verification process for entering comments (known as CAPTCHA), since the porn links have popped up more than once. I hate the is a pain in the butt. But you gotta do what you gotta do, and this I gotta do.

My grammar blows sometimes, don't it?

You realize it is intentional, yes? If you didn't realize this, please note that I do it often for comedic effect. It might not always be funny to anyone other than me, but that's why I do it.



  1. I am glad that the wordpress spam tends to catch all that crap from hitting my blog. But I also have it set so I need to approve a commenter the first time they comment and future comments from them are only approved if I had previously approved them. Plus anything with an embedded link is immediately held. It's been forever since I have used blogspot but perhaps they have something similar?

  2. Like I blogs rock.."nip" or not! lol!

  3. Awesome Tom Baker "Robot" spam robot!

  4. Haaa This is Joyce. yes we got left a few links too before my oldest son alerted me as to what it was. The 13 year old son apparently found it to be quite the hit and failed to mention that he was looking forward to such links.

  5. I have a hold on any comments placed on old posts--bust be verified. Besides that, I don't get a lot of spam on current posts although it does happen from time to time--guess my blog's not big enough to catch the robot's attention.

  6. I get the occasional spam message and I just delete it. I used to have the word verification on but as I have a reader who is quadriplegic, it makes it easier if he doesn't have to do the WV so I turned it off for him.

    But I agree....why waste their time with little blogs that don't have many followers...and also, do they really think we are stupid and can't figure out that the links are for porn??? Really!?

  7. I'm with Claire.

    And I use the expression "special needs" far too often and honestly, I wince each and every time. Special circumstances makes me smile, even laugh, though in its formality. When my daughter was diagnosed with infantile spasms fifteen years ago there was a group that called themselves Mothers from Hell. That's more like it for me.

  8. Speaking of innappropriate, I don't comment here much because I generally am innappropriate and with all the families that read and post here and all the serious things that have happened in your life, I get worried that it's not really the forum for the boisterous exploits of the past. But I do want you to know that I do keep tabs on your life and will always consider you a good friend and hope you have far happier days ahead. And then we can talk some old skool bullshit. And if you ever want to talk Asian porn then I'm your man. Miss you Ken. And not in a gay way. Ok... in a gay way.

  9. JSmith5780:
    I'm not sure what Blogger allows and doesn't allow. I actually dig WordPress maybe more, but now I think I am locked into staying here. Don't want to lose the folks I have.


    Marissa's Dad:
    Yeah found that on the net. Way cool. Keeping an eye out on your blog to see when your newest family member will arrive.

    13-year old boy. I am VERY nervous about how easily accessible all types of all things will be to Carter by the time he reached 13. You can click on so many sites with Zero Barrier. And if he has a portable device, who knows what he will be able to get at? problem at a time I suppose.

    I might try that setting, thanks for the heads up.

    You'd think so if you look at the header I guess. :P

    I'm guessing anyone RUNNING a site like that and using a SpamBot to get business probably doesn't have the intellect to avoid the shotgun approach.

    I don't know why Special Needs bugs me to say...but I should have been more specific, it bothers me not at all in the slightest when anyone uses the term. I just can't use it. But that also applies to the word NEED in general. We need so very little in life and want so very much.

    You didn't have to explain the why but I'm glad you did anyway. Makes an otherwise dreary day today a little more special. I still proudly display your blog on my sidebar and suggest to anyone if they want a GREAT read, something to take them to another place entirely, go read your stuff. You are still, in my opinion, the King Blogger/Writer/Creative Thinker of All Time.

    And I DO mean that in a gay way.
    :O (====8


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