Thursday, April 29, 2010


A really interesting article on Autism's alarming rise since 1988. Many thanks to my soul sister Sinead for posting this in her Facebook Status Update. It is a very interesting article.

Read it at your leisure, but this is what struck me and resonated with me for some reason.

We require a Manhattan-Project style operation spearheaded by the Federal government, and we needed it ten years ago. This crisis is too serious to ignore in mild complacency any longer.

Think about what that means. Essentially...the Autism rate and its dramatic increases each year is an epidemic. And the reference to The Manhattan Project is much like talking about landing on the moon. If we as a nation devote a huge amount of energy and resources to something, we are usually going to achieve amazing things.

The issue is we don't do that when it comes to most diseases/disorders. We nibble at a lot of things, we don't take voracious bites out of any ONE thing. That, and the private sector is much less interested in curing disease and much more interested in promoting getting your dick hard or growing your hair back or steering many people who actually are NOT clinically depressed into trying way too many medications.

Anyway, rant over. And the article isn't a rant, it is actually a very informative look at trends and dates and possible environmental factors leading to the rise in Autism.

Thanks Sinead for the pointer. It certainly got me to thinking...



  1. Interesting. I am sure the environmental factors are not helping, but I was also glad to see some mention about the toxicity in the vaccines as well. Toxins are toxins...whether they come from fish, the air we breathe, or the shots. Something has to be done. The new stats now are something like one in 97 kids.


  2. curing a disease isn't profitable. Unless the cure requires constant pills/shots/whatever a la insulin or anti-depressants. Science will work on providing medication that is NOT one shot and you're done...


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