Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Me and The Kid

This week is Spring Break for a lot of folks. Although it varies from state to state, place to place, this is that time of year when schools have that week off for the kids to go do...whatever kids do these days (I'm so freakin' grateful I don't have daughters). I know when I was a kid I never, not one time, actually went to some far-off location for Spring Break. Nor did I ever see boobies.

But then again, I was a fuggin' geek. What would I have done at one of these shin-digs? Probably not a whole lot.

Anyway, it's Spring Break at Bennett's school as well, since it actually works like a real school. Does that mean he will be out all summer though? No...they have a summer program for those deemed 'Super Needy'.

Bennett's been deemed.

Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri the grandparents on my wife's side have stepped in to be the Bennett Caregiver of the Day. But they were busy today, so I get the duty. Hee hee...he said 'duty'. Heh heh.

So far this morning within the first ten minutes he scratched my face and broke my glasses and I've had to use my back-up pair of sunglasses until I can find my old clear pair. It's mighty dark in here. I'll have to take them to the shop tomorrow to be repaired. That blows.

Other than that, it's been fairly uneventful as far as him being out of control. We've actually had a little fun together thus far.

I mention these little new things from time to time that he does. But I like to call them Wolf Nuggets. Why? Because, as always, yes it's great, but never, EVER, forget the words of Winston Wolf.

Anyway...he can now 'High Five'. Now granted, I don't generally 'High Five' anybody. Not even at sporting events. I guess I have intimacy issues. But the kids love it, and now, if I say 'High Five' to the B-Man, he will run over and slap my hand and await praise and 'yays'.

That's pretty cool. And although I taught my dog to do that too, it still is something nice to see in The Kid. Reminds me. I miss Parker. So here's a pic (that's Jen's sister with him). He's living out the rest of his days in Colorado with a cousin. We had to let him go when Carter was born because he would get so excited he would trample all over Carter in his excitement, even knocking him down stairs. Not his fault, but he had to go cause we weren't sure WHAT was gonna happen.

Maybe it's time to get a new beast for the house. I sure do miss having one. And although these days I look a little beastly, I don't count as a family pet.

Anyway, back to the B-Man.



  1. That spring break picture is ten kinds of terrible.

    Have you read "the brain that changes itself?" I read it recently and it has just blown my mind. There's a story in there about a girl who literally has only half a brain and how she deal with the frustrations that come with trying to do something that she doesn't have brain area to do. Really helped me undersand Charlie a little better. Charlie technically has an entire brain, but big chunks of it have been damaged, so he has things that are a real struggle for him--like speech!

  2. I kind of spat when I read the phrase "I taught the dog to do that" cause oftentimes something I am working on for months on end, I see a dog do with relative ease and it cuts me up. Enjoy spring break.

  3. Your comment nearly made me cry this morning.Seriously.And my strength ... smoke and mirror's baby.Smoke and mirrors!!But I tell you,I do have issues of my own but since Zoey's birth and subsequent onslaught of "stuff"I do have more peace then I would ever,ever have imagined.My faith is the single explanation for that.That complicated and that simple.I wish I could bottle up some of it,that strength or whatever it is you see in me,because if I could and it would help,I would do it in a second.I really would.

    Go easy on yourself.Keep dolling out high fives and continue to see the magic in those little things.And for what it's worth,I think a beast sounds like a great idea... theraputic I'd say.

  4. Katy:
    Maybe even twenty. Like I said. No daughters? GREAT. I have not read the book, but I'll look into it.

    Yeah...was the dog analogy wrong?

    Well, the smoke and mirrors is working for you. I may go the dog route, but I have to solve a few other issues first. More on that later.


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