Thursday, April 1, 2010


After Tuesday night's Yawn-Fest of a LOST episode, I was happy to have been pointed to this little ditty from a buddy on a message board in the LOST thread.

Now, granted, this is pretty high concept. One, it helps if you KNOW the show LOST and appreciate it. Two, helps if you know who the hell Saul Bass actually is. Three...helps to have nothing better to do.

Anyway, check out this 'What If Saul Bass Did the Opening Credit Sequence of LOST?' animation created by someone who goes by the moniker of Hexagonall...

Lost vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

Nifty eh?

Only 6 more episodes left of what is essentially on of my most favorite of all Television shows of all time. Then come to find out this is the LAST season of 24.


I got no other shows that I watch. That's it. Nuthin', Nada. Oh well...I guess I'll start watching some movies or something.



  1. I have to admit - I really liked Lost at first. Then I started working two jobs and just lost contact with it. Last episode I watched was where Locke blew up the submarine. I'm hoping some year to get it all on DVD and watch beginning to end.

  2. Caprica's decent. So's Castle, as there's lots of "culture" references in it.

    Or, you could locate the original Trek remasters. Awesome!

  3. I'm waiting for Caprica on DVD! I don't have the Scyfy or however they spell it now network. But the little bits I've seen, I like it.

  4. J & I have been 24 fans since the very first episode!

    Lost...we had to be won over. Hated it when we were in the States. Then we moved to the Bush and it was one of the only American shows we could actually watch. Slowly slowly we were won over. Until we were addicted! Like the frog in the pot of water...or whatever that example is.

    I do like House though. And The Hills is my guilty pleasure. :)


  5. OMG I have been hooked on LOST forever! yeah Tuedays episode although good I feel STILL was not wrapping anything up! Making MORE crap to figure out and we have enough of that already! So what happends at the end? They all blow up? Hubby says wouldnt it be cool if Jack was the bad guy the whole time! holding his hand to Sun saying to trust him...Hmmmmm To be continued!! :D

  6. I don't have showtime..but there was a *free-view* and I managed to swallow a whole 4th season of Dexter (12 episodes) in 4!

    I am officially hooked and looking to rent season 1, 2, and 3...check it out and join my addiction!

  7. I am so done with Lost but I am suffering through until the end. Haven't seen this week's yet.

  8. House is my new favorite.

    I'll probably check out Lost on dvd when it wraps up. I lost interest when the producers started spreading misinformation on the fan boards.

    Will their be time travel? Producers: nope.

    Is there electro magnetic experiments being conducted on the island?
    Producers: nope!

    Can the island move?
    Producers: No.

    I think all proved to be actual plot points. I would have preferred a "no comment" response to saying "No" when they really knew the answer to be "yes."

    Part of the fun for me was trying to figure out the big picture. When the producers went out of their way to hide pieces of the puzzle or throw red herrings into the discussion it took away from my enjoyment.

    Still the first few seasons were compelling. Once they screwed up Mr. Echo I stopped watching.



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