Monday, April 12, 2010

A Quickie

Thought I would share a couple of recent little videos of Bennett during some happier moments. By contrast I was trying to also upload some of the repetitive autistic type stuff but I kept getting an Error message.

You G-Men and G-Women gotta LOVE that one, huh? Yeah, could always look at it that way I suppose. If one were so inclined to.

Anyway, here's the sheeeeet....

And another...

Got lots more pics and vids coming this week. It's a slightly lighter week than usual, so I have some time.



  1. Oh. I just wanna give him a big ole squeeze--so CUTE!

  2. Bennett is so adorable. You can see the little sparkle in his eye when he wonders if he should be swinging the wall hanging. He's thinking!

  3. Wonderful videos Ken!! Thank you very much for sharing. I have to say, to an untrained eye, I think he's coming along with his speech very nicely! He is definitely trying to say Carter and I was VERY impressed that when told uh uh he knew uh uh like he shouldn't be climbing those stairs. Also, impressed at what looked like to me he was trying to hide the evidence of his destruction when he knocked whatever it was off the wall. That to me screams that he is comprehending that he did something that may not be ok to do.

  4. um.

    Sometimes it's just plain ole' sucky internet connections and not divine intervention. ;)

    That could I NOT melt when B grabbed his blankie and started sucking his thumb! Love that!


  5. Oh gosh he is talking and imitating and doing so well compared to my little reference point. I know that is little consolation but I think its awesome since the only word in this house these days is poo.


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