Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Photos

The bulk of these will go into Facebook just because it is easier. But here, just gonna show a couple and write a little about them.

This first group is from Bennett's school, Step-By-Step Academy, and an Easter Egg Hunt they hosted last Saturday. The dude holding Bennett is my Brother-in-Law Brian. He lives in Akron with Jen's sister.

They have two, soon to be three kids, and I would gladly have my leg cut off if they would move down here. It would be good for EVERYBODY, and certainly give me a chance to get to know Brian better, which I'd like to do but you know me, I rarely leave the confines of the three-mile radius around my house. :)

Next up are the only two decent shots I got of Bennett during his first official hair cut, which happened last month. The other shot is of Carter as he waited for the screaming, uncomfortable experience to end. Bennett did not enjoy it at all. At all.

Cried and screamed the entire time. Maybe the sensory thing...but then again maybe not.

Carter sounds as if he is in a Saw movie when he gets his hair cut, and he doesn't have Bennett's diagnosis. So go figure.

Finally here are some shots of Bennett on Easter Sunday. Some shots of him playing, and/or getting sucked into the world of circular objects. As usual, fascinated by spinning the Frisbee around and around, not actually throwing it.

My understanding is that this is a very Autistic thing to do.

But who knows? Like the screaming haircut, I never know for sure what is and what is not 'normal' for a kid his age to get into and/or what might be a sign of his condition.

That part is the aspect of life that tends to get tough sometimes...over-thinking about that.

But over-thinking and I are old, loving companions.

It's my gift and my curse.



  1. I still feel like screaming my lungs out whenever I get a haircut to this day. I'd much rather go to the dentist, as a matter of fact. And I also enjoy circular, spinning things. :)

  2. Super cute!


    ps. I'm always hyper-analyzing Trevy too. Comes with the IS territory I guess.

  3. This would be why I resorted to doing haircuts myself. :)

  4. My grandson is "normal" and it used to take 2 people to hold him down to get a haircut. My daughter got so embarressed by his bad behavior that it is his Dad's job now to get his hair cut. He still hates it but doesn't scream as bad now.... just fusses...

  5. It appears that over-thinking is having an affair with you -- because I am married to him. Perhaps we should ditch him and be single and dumb.

  6. You have beautiful kids. We tried cutting Abby's hair once, and it was a traumatic experience for all involved.

    And I can totally relate on the frisbee thing... and tupperware lids, and the lid to the margarine container, and the lid to the pop bottle, and ...

  7. Stryder:
    Thankfully I don't ever have to spend a dime on haircuts again. Just razors and Slick.

    Welcome to the Hyper-Analyzer Club

    We tried that once. Sounded like Carter was being tortured in the house. We were afraid someone would call the cops.

    Yeah...I know tons of kids who freak over haircuts. Maybe it's the buzzer noise...

    Well, if I am having an affair with over-thinking, can it at least be referred to as 'she' instead of 'he'?

    Thanks! Yeah, anything circular and he's off to the races.


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