Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here's Another Video and the Carter Re-Cap

Another video, taken a few weeks ago. Bennett spins a Frisbee in the driveway of his grandparents house.

He loves to spin things.

Listen for the coughing thing in the video. He imitates a cough he hears in the background, which he does rather frequently now (though we never know if he HAS a cough or is imitating) and that's something to note. When you are dealing with a situation like this, it's the little things that you have to use as positive reinforcement for your own peace of mind.

Sinead, one of my SN Sisters, calls them 'Inchstones'. I loved the term, and use it now as if it were my very own. In a journey with your kid who is disabled for whatever reason, you have to measure things in 'Inchstones', not 'Milestones'.

If you don't, it's extremely easy to get bummed right the fuck out. Hell, that's easy anytime, but it's even easier unless you can hang on to small positives.

Oh and I know some folks were expecting a report on Carter and the visit up to CC. I'll give you as brief a version as I can. He had a great time. I posted some photos of the trip on my Facebook page. Go check them out there, I don't feel like re-formatting them for this space right now.

But as far as Carter going along...he was delighted to be there and I think felt much more connected to all of us. He was inquisitive, funny and we got to spend a lot of quality time together. Funny that he could not grasp the concept that Hotel TV is shit compared to anything we have at home (as far as selection, etc.).

He did great through all the waiting for the MRI and junk, and he did even better having to wait at least 2 hours, maybe more, to get anything to eat or drink, cause none of us wanted to do it in front of Bennett since he could not have a thing. Eventually Jen, Carter and I had breakfast together while Bennett was getting magnetized.

I should mention that the last couple of hours before heading home he was a tremendous pain in the ass, as he wanted to get the hell out of there as much as we did. Very whiny, very hard to manage.

The offices were hot as hell, we waited an unusually long time and all of us wanted to hit the road. Including him.

Eventually we did.

Was it easier to take him? No, absolutely not.

Am I glad I did?

Hell yes.



  1. It's amazing how he seems like he is so in his own world, yet he is paying attention enough to hear the cough and imitate it. Yay Bennett!! He is damn good at spinnin that frisbee too. KC could never do that. He has such low tone in his hands, and pretty much zero fine motor skills.


  2. I am glad you took Carter. I bet he never asks to go again. The important thing is he now sees you weren't 'out partying' while he was stuck at home. Plus, he got to see a little bit what Bennett has to go through.

  3. He's a lefty, huh?

    Toby & Bristel are troopers too. I drag them with me to speech at the hospital once a week. I think it helps them feel connected AND I'm hoping is deepening their connection to what it means to be a family. We're there for eachother. To cheer during mad outfield catches...or little non-verbal brothers saying "pay" when he wants to go play with his speech teacher. It's a family thing. We're all in all this together.

    Oh and about clinging to the little things. That's exactly why I started doing those silly randomning posts. Maybe the kids will say something sweet or funny once during the middle of a crappy week...I needed to write it down. So I could remember that it's not all sad. We have some sweet happy funny moments too...



  4. He is so completely cute, it's insane. :) He does seem like he's in his own little world. The cough imitation is interesting. He's very good at it, I can see how it would be hard to tell when he's faking or really coughing.

    I think it's good that Carter went with you. My son occasionally goes along with me and my daughter. I think it helps him realize what she goes through, and also makes him aware that we don't leave him home to go play and party.

    (I've read your blog for a while, but I think this is the first time I'm commenting!)

  5. I am glad Carter got to go....I TOTALLY get the reasons for taking him....And yeah, I am sure Carter won't mind y'all going without him!

    Bennett is a joy to watch! The cough imitation? SO like Colby! He does the same thing! And he does the fake sneeze and the fake burp as well! It has always been so interesting to me how he picks up those types of things when I don't think he is paying attention...And before I pick him up to put him in his wheelchair? He "grunts" just like I do when I lift!!!

    Keep posting the videos...I LOVE seeing him....


  6. Wow. Video's kinda creepy, Abby does the exact same thing, right down to the cough. I second what JSmith says!


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