Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In the Meantime...

I've actually been working on an 'introductory' time-line for Bennett for people who are new to this space. It's been harder than I thought researching all the dates and junk. That, along with some extra work shipping some stuff out, has kept me off the blog for a while.

In the meantime, here's a recent video I took of Bennett. He does this kind of thing a lot.

I'm starting to really see the sensory stuff more now than I used to. Guess I was in denial or something. I dunno. He still ain't talkin' much, if at all. In fact, even 'Dadda' is pretty much gone now. Now its 'Gaga'. Still hear a 'Mama' every once in a while and sometimes a 'NahNah', but he is still very non-speechy.

Loves to giggle and play though, so there is that. And things could always be worse, I get that.

I'm bummed today. Can you tell?



  1. Katie does that sort of thing as well. I find it hard to know how to feel about it. She's happy doing it and it doesn't bother me much until someone else so generously points it out as senesory/PDD stuff.

  2. Love the big brother voice in the background saying "take a picture of ME". The big sister around here sounds exactly the same!

    Trevy loves having his cheeks (I was going to emphasize facial...but really it's both sets) rubbed and will lean in for smoochies just to feel it. And not to be all rainbows and skittles...buuuuut...maybe you could see how Bennett responds to strategically placed kisses (on his facial cheeks!)? Maybe that's his sensory sweet spot...and you could meet that need of his AND your snuggle need at the same time?

    Then again the door is probably nice an cool to the touch. Lips are warm and squishy. It may not have the same effect. Or you could try icing your smoochers first! ;)


    It's bummy kinda day everywhere I think.


  3. don't sweat it man...the sooner they talk, the sooner they talk back, right? :)

  4. I'm bummy too. It was harder than usual to get out of bed this morning. I just did not want to deal.

  5. Charlie does all sorts of goofy sensory stuff and NO ONE has ever suggested that he has autism. It's more a function of being missing big parts of his brain due to damage. Honestly, Bennett can walk and kneel, and entertain himself and that is really so, so much. He still has plenty of time to work on thigs like being socially appropriate and speech.

    I'm sorry you're having a lousy day.

  6. Yep - Emma does a lot of that too. Watch out for Carter. He might associate the video camera with you loving Bennett more than him because you are taking video of him. He might be too young to appreciate that you are cataloguing and not favoring.

  7. Love the video, as usual...

    Again, Colby does alot of the same types of things....Anything that produces a sound, he will do repeatedly...It is really his thing....Any noisemakers.....He rarely has anything to do with a simple soft, stuffed animal! Just always loved those cause & effect toys...And still does...

    These kids have these different innate needs, whether it be touch, sound...whatever....In fact, I call Colby "Stevie" all the time beacuse he likes to sling his head back and forth like Stevie Wonder does when he sings....The therapists said he needs the "vestibular stimulation"...He looks strange doing it, but if he needs it because of somthing that he is missing, then why try and stop it? I think he likes feeling "high"....LOL!



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