Wednesday, June 23, 2010


If you ever plan to watch the show LOST, or are in the middle of doing so (Mom and Richard) and have not gotten to the last couple of seasons, you MUST stop reading now and just move on to something else.

There. I warned you.

I miss the show LOST. A lot.

In fact, believe it or not, it was one of the dozen or so reasons that this blog went dark for five weeks. I was in mourning, seriously. I know that sounds incredibly dumb, but it is the truth. Not having LOST as a part of my week, without any new season to look forward to, was very difficult to actually get over.

When the Series Finale was over, at first I was angry. I was shocked. I was sad. I was moved. I was pissed that certain things did not go the way I wanted. I found myself wanting more. More in the way of answers, more in the way of story.

I was really angry about the Purgatory Universe. It made no sense to me. I was especially mad that Jack had to die. I had this vision in my head of Jack living on as Island protector, with Hurley assuming the Ricardo role.

But, I can't have all my cake and eat it too. And a lot of my anger and frustration soon gave way to questions in my head, scenarios played out and re-played. I realized even today that, despite the fact that the show ended five weeks ago, I am still thinking about it.

THAT'S why, I think, it worked. It has me thinking about it. That means it was good. When Battlestar Galactica ended, I very quickly stopped thinking about it. Same with a lot of other shows. When The Shield ended, I pondered it for weeks. Months. I still think about it. It resonated.

So did this final arc of LOST, all nitpicking aside, accomplish its mission? Yeah...I suppose it did. It made me think as much as it ALWAYS made me think. And ponder. And postulate. And wonder. It stayed true to itself and didn't have everyone in jail at the end of the series.

So many people argue the Heaven/Hell/Purgatory thing. But in the end, the show is not about God or the Devil. Or Gods or Goddesses. Hell or even Cain & Abel or Jacob & Esau. It's about ORDINARY, FLAWED men and women and what they do when confronted with those things that they cannot fully comprehend (faith, science) and they choose to respond to those things and how they treat and interact with the people around them.

I'll always love this show. It was my 2nd favorite show. OF ALL TIME.

And at 42 years, I've watched a lot of television. I think the only thing that would have bumped it from #2 to #1 (over The Shield) is if the show was consistent from the first episode, simply called 'Pilot' all the way through to 'The End'.

There were some stumbles along the way.

Though they were all good, not every episode was great.

The Shield has a distinction for me as being the most consistently written show in the Universe. There was not a season I didn't like, there was not a SINGLE episode that I would not watch again and again and again.

There are a few LOST episodes I would skip when re-watching the series. That's what keeps it out of the #1 spot.

But that's about it.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. I have about 7 episodes on the DVR of '24', and so I'll hit all of those and then that's more shows that I currently watch.

Though I did just pick up the first 2 seasons of Breaking Bad because a friend I trust recommended it. I've watched four episodes. It is very, very good, but also very, very slow.

But I am into it enough to keep going. And the lead, Bryan Cranston, is fantastic. What a great actor.

OK, NOW I'm really done.



  1. OMG my husband and would literally get all set up to watch lost.. blankets,snack..maybe a amazing show!! I agree about jack dying..crazy!
    hope ur summer is going well..:)

  2. The Lost ending was a major disappointment to me. I floundered around listening to Lost Podcasts trying to find someone who was as disappointed as I. I never did and I'm still pissed about it. To me, the purgatory ending was a major cop out, to put it mildly. I relate to your grief.

  3. The ending of Lost could have been so much better. I think no matter how it ended it would resonate and stick with you. The purgatory ending was so unfulfilling for me it tainted all other episodes, because I now know it just ends rather than makes sense or pays off the investment of trying to figure out the workings and function of the island.

    Watch House. If ever there was a show that I think Ken would dig it is House. You want an intellectual show about flawed people then check this show out. I can't imagine you not getting immediately hooked.

    When I figured out mid 4th season that Lost was spinning too many conflicting plot points and it was becoming hopelessly convoluted I discovered House. Initially it medicated my growing dissatisfaction with my Lost fix. Soon it became my new boob tube addiction.

    I've never seen Shield. Still waiting for some great dvd offer to get all the seasons at once.


  4. Actually Steve, while I hated the ending at first, I have grown to see it as genius. It was total personification of Science Vs. Faith, one of the main running themes of the show and especially Jack.

    We all wanted a Science ending because of the Jughead detonation, we wanted something explainable, something tangible. We wanted a sort of scientific 'merging' of two 'split universes' or some other scientific theory or solution.

    I think, had that happened, we all would have hated it.

    Instead, the audience took a journey in this last season just like Jack has through the whole show. We have been forced to choose Science or Faith.

    Those that choose Science are early Jack. Angry. Inconsolable. Intractable. Closed in.

    Those that choose Faith are calm, at rest, have a more open mind, and have achieved a sort of peace with the show and its outcome.

    Make any sense? Maybe I am just full of shit, but I embrace the show and its writing and the journey.

    Give The Shield a go. Fantastic characters and a fantastic series.

  5. Ken, your explanation helps, but I'm still not ready to see the ending as genius. I don't see a need to differentiate between science and faith in this case-heck in my experience they usually go together. Jack seems to me like he embraces fatalism or maybe wishful thinking, but I don't really see him having faith in anyone or anything, he just seems content to let what will be just happen.

    I'm disappointed in the finality but only because I loved the show so much. I'm not a tv talker, but I spent several episodes yelling at the television, "Would someone just shoot Ben! Give me a gun, I'll shoot the sucker." It takes a lot to get me riled up like that and for that rollercoaster ride of emotions I’m thankful.

    I think this review at Film and Theology sums up my feelings closely:



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