Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shit, I Lost a Follower.

Went from 81 to 80. I hate that. I want that number to go in the OPPOSITE direction, not down. But I gotta take the heat on that. You go five weeks without posting a bloody thing and you gotta expect some repercussions.

Goes with the territory.

I broke major Blog Etiquette guidelines by having that long of a silent gap.

I don't know why the number even matters to me.




Maybe it is some kind of validation thingamabob? If so it's only a product of what is inside my own head, because ultimately the amount of followers on the Blogger counter does not necessarily relate at all to the amount of readers there actually are.

There could be more. (Yay.)

There could be less. (Shudder.)

And it certainly doesn't have a THING to do with quality of readership or closeness of said readership or how much said readership actually gives two shits.

It is just a number. And that's all.

Anyway...just something I noticed this morning while reading some of the comments from yesterday. I only remembered the number 81 because it was one less than 82, and I only remember the number 82 because of the movie Rain Man and the fact that the movie is about an Autistic dude and I watched it within the past couple of months.

OK, this has officially become one of my weirder posts. Let's quit while I'm ahead.

But hey...two days in a row. That was the goal.



  1. OK, I remember when you needed one more for 50! You're still ahead!LOL

  2. I post all the time and only have 60--if that makes you feel any better. Some people get really hung up on that stuff--I try not to look at it too closely because that would make me crazy. I got enough crazy without adding that to the mix.

  3. I thrilled to see that Blogzilly was back online! I hope you're well -- and I get the follower thing. I can get a bit obsessed with my stats which sort of embarrasses me --

  4. Oh, and I have only 99 or so followers and get almost four hundred hits a day -- AND I post almost every day.

  5. Kim Peek, a guy that served as an inspiration for the Rain Man character was not really autistic. He had a number of other issues, most notably a rare brain disorder called the Agenesis of Corpus Callosum (AgCC). Kids with AgCC very often also have Infantile Spasms. I came across your blog quite some time ago by following a link on a blog of a perent whose child has both AgCC and IS. My daugher has AgCC but does not have IS.
    I hate to throw another diagnosis at you but I thought you might find this to be interesting.
    Glad to see you back.

  6. 2 days in a row! Whoo hoo!?

    I've thought about just deleting that silly little follower thingie many times. It's one of those things that are just annoying. Because I know I should be bigger than caring about the number...and yet... I tell myself I don't care...but notice whenever it changes. It's SO jr. high. ::sigh::


    For what it's worth...I don't stick around based on the number of times or even the quality of your posts. I stick around because my affection for you guys is VERY un-jr. high.



  7. Thanks for this post. You made me feel better about myself, like that was your soul purpose for posting it ;)

    Actually, it is nice to know that while I write my journal for myself, that there are still people that want to hear what I have to say enough to be a follower.

    We all need a break sometime but I'm glad your back. I enjoy your posts.

  8. Welcome back :) I've got you beat on the legnth of time abandoning a blog... lol. I added myself as a follower of your blog so it would be back at 81 but now it's at 82, so guess someone else thought of it first :)
    I'm curious how the ABA stuff is going? KC starts his ABA program on Monday. I honestly don't know many ppl who's kid is in an intensive program like that. No worries though if you would rather talk about that some other time.
    Take care,

  9. Well, I am so ignorant of all things technical, that I don't even know if I am a folloer or not! (But YOU know I always do 'cause I usually have to throw my two cents worth in...)...

    By the way...I don't have a "counter" at all....I would be WAY too embarrassed at the single digit # of followers I would have...(my mom, my sis, my aunt, etc...and a couple of you guys!)


  10. Do you have a copy of those unwritten blog rules? I don't want to break them but I am sure I've hit 5 weeks. I guess that's why we only have 11 followers...that's okay though. Some of them told me this week that they look forward to it. It's like talking to me, for them. Just thought I'd share. Hope to see you real soon! <3 :)


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