Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Look At This One

Today, I'm pointing you to Harold's blog, which is called Facing Autism in New Brunswick. I do not know Harold at all, but I read his blog a bunch, and in Harold's About Me Section, which he very cleverly re-named 'It's NOT About ME' he writes:

My interest in Autism, and my engagement in Autism advocacy, began with my son Conor's Autism Disorder diagnosis and the realization that, locally at least, no serious efforts were being made to improve the lives of persons with Autism or to address the realities of Autism Disorder. Hugs are good, but hugs are not enough. Evidence based treatment, education and residential care by properly trained service providers are required to help the 1 in 110 persons who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Anyway, check out his latest blog, about...well, you gotta just read the article.

Makes me chilled to the bone to think that one day Bennett might live in a place where he has 'assistance'. I mean, that's a long way off, but don't think it hasn't crossed my mind. I don't THINK I could ever do it...but 15 years from now I can't predict what my mental state will be, what my health condition might be, my marital status, hell any number of things.

Could be dead.

Hope not, but it isn't unheard of for some dudes to be dead before the age of 57.

Anyway, check it out...worth your time.



  1. I try to block out all thoughts of "the future". But they still invade. When Trevor's kicking the dickens out of my shins - I think about what happens when he's 20 lbs larger. When he's man handling me on his Monkey Leash - I wonder if he'll ever develop a sense of safety awareness. When we're out running errands and notice an older person with cognitive impairment - Jonathan and I both wonder one of two things. 1) will Trevy be that capable? 2) will he be less?

    I suppose we should try to follow the advice of so many...and just worry about the now.

    But I'm not sure I know how to do that?

    As for the article. Heart breaking. So so heart breaking...


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  3. Speechless. Can't fathom 1 in 110 kids experiencing Autism...and 1 in 110 sets of parents in the frequent agony of "what ifs" and "what can I dos."


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