Thursday, July 29, 2010


Gotta keep it short today. This afternoon is Bennett's yearly meeting to re-evaluate if he still qualifies for the Medicaid Waiver (that which pays for all his therapies and so on). So I have to do some junk today quick and have the house ready by 3:30.

Check out this video, which I think was shot by my wife's Mom, though I am not 100% sure on it. It is from the camping trip that Jen and the kids took last weekend. Thought it was interesting.

Now that ending...that has me a little freaked. The sender of the mass e-mail to all of us said nothing bad happened, but I know how far a drop that is, and I'm hoping someone or something kept him from going all the way out to the ground. I'll have to ask Jen about it, I only saw the video today for the first time.

But Bennett is just fine as far as I can tell, so I'm sure he didn't take the full plunge.



  1. YIkes! Scary. Love to see the eye contact and the imitation, though! Good things.

  2. I wasn't expecting that, even though I had been pre-warned! What two precious boys you have, and so alike :)Funny how even though I worried about the brother bond being less because one of mine is a little different, it really isn't. In fact it seems to me it's stronger.

  3. Katy:
    Yeah those are good things. Like your new blog layout by the way. Nice.

    I should have said who that was. The older boy was/is Anthony, Bennett's cousin. The brother bond here is still a bit weak...but that's because of the age gap more than anything else.

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  5. My heart fell! Ugh!!!

    I LOVE the imitation game...That is one of the few things that Colby has CONSISTENTLY been able to do throughout his life....He LOVES it...


  6. Woah! That ending made me jump! I'm glad he was okay, although watching it is scary.

    The imitation and eye contact is great. What a nice relationship he has with his cousin!


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