Friday, July 2, 2010

Sounds of Sanity

I sit here, going over some photos I took last night. Tweaking them, adjusting the color and all that shit. Levels. Saturation. Blah, blah, blah.

I also sit here looking at the blog I've been working on for four days off and on. It's a sort of 're-cap' of all the shit in my life that led up to me deciding to stop blogging for a while during a period where I was, at least I believe I was, dangerously close to the edge of a cliff I would not have been able to climb back up had I fallen over.

And as I do this, the sound of the music from the Ridley Scott film Black Hawk Down plays on my iTunes.

I realized that lately I have been avoiding my usual morning fare of listening to The Howard Stern Show and then The Dan Patrick Show or The Jim Rome Show in favor of just listening to music. I also realized that this is a pattern of suddenly becomes a focal point for me whenever I am in any kind of 'repair mode'.

Music can transport me, can move me, can make me blissfully unaware of anything else around me. I listen mostly to film score music, and I know not why. Maybe because I used to play in an orchestra and so I gravitated to orchestra or classical music when I was young. My first album I ever owned was the 2-record set from Star Wars.

But more likely it is because the music from a film alters my mood in a way that the film did when I saw it. Maybe there is a link between the sound of the music and how it makes you feel when you watch a film and then when you just have the music there is a leftover echo of that feeling of the experiences from the movie.

I remember a buddy of mine (whom I miss a lot but never reach out to despite the fact he lives a half hour away) who used to work in a cubicle beside me commented on me playing movie scores during the work day. He said 'Dude, it isn't that I don't like the music, but sometimes it just scares the shit out of me. There will be this quiet, dramatic music and then something probably happens in the movie and there's this BWWAAAAAAAAHHH and I jump out of my skin'.

We always used to laugh about that.

That is a drawback...though a minor one. (Though I notice that if Bennett is around, that type of thing is very disagreeable to him as well...he don't like it at all.)

Most of the time I listen to music on a BOSE iPod dock. My God, is it a pure sound. Perfection. Got it as a Christmas gift last year right before I was laid off and we decided to keep it despite the costs and despite the fact I no longer had a job. I'm glad we did. Damn that thing is awesome.

How do you all use music in your everyday life? I'm curious about your musical tastes, how and why you play it, what you play it on, the kind you listen to and so on.




  1. Good is my salvation. Raised on classical, appreciate jazz, adore Church music, danced through my teen years to disco...but have a definite preference for hard rock, a la Van Halen, Def Leppard, AC/DC cripes, Nirvana (try Smells Like Teen Spirit) Nickelback and Evanescence...the heavier the better. Why? Yikes...too scary to contemplate since, at 49, I shouldn't still like that stuff or all the hard core emotions it dredges up. As for Star Wars music...yeah...was making out in the car with my boyfriend at the Drive In the entire time...still have no clue what the movie is about!

  2. I have an i-pod that my sister purchased for me several years ago. I listen to it frequently and usually to Christian pop/rock. At home, I have a cheap Memorex dock that allows us to enjoy my, or Delma's music. When I'm "angry at God" I usually go back to my favorites from the 80s. I'll always be a die hard Led Zep, Pink Floyd, and Rush fan.

  3. I listen to my music either through my mp3 player or in the car. I'm a headbanging chick. I think it helps get out all the negative emotions. My husband calls it my angry music.

    Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Sevendust, 3 Days Grace, Seether, Dropkick Murphys...just to name a few.

    You know how they say that music soothes the savage beast? Well I apply that to Taylor. She has one CD from one group that she needs to listen to as much as she needs to breathe. 3 years ago we got her a little pink Disney mp3 player and put that CD on it. She listens to it so much, we are on our 2nd player and I think our
    20th pair of headphones.

    Taylor's music of choice? 3 Doors Down - "Away From the Sun". I think if she were younger, her Make a Wish would be to meet them & hear them in concert. She can even pick out their videos if I pull them up. She is definitely a creature of habit. I've been listening to that CD for 8 years!

  4. Marissa's Brother is a musically inclined kid. Dancing, singing. If he doesn't get it, sleep won't be had.


    By anybody.

    We've got a house network, and a home server. There's computers new and old littering the house. We have a common itunes library that we share between all the computers. We do have ipod(s) too, and we sync from that computer.

    @claire, I'm a 80's hairband kind of guy, myself. So's the wife. The sister in law digs country. Marissa is all about the Glee music. Marissa's brother just likes singing.

  5. Now, this is one subject I can talk about all day about! I've always poured myself into music. I really started getting into it in high school, and since I'm 30, most of my favorites come from that era (90's -anything from alternative to folk). I've always had quite a diverse collection -except modern country lol. I have an older mp3 player with 40gb that I refuse to let go! It's not compatible with Windows 7 so I can't load anything new on it. I've worked so hard getting this huge collection on there I just can't imagine starting over! Back before Austin was born, music was my life. I kept up with newer stuff and regularly went to concerts. I can't even count how many artists I've seen over the years. It's not exactly a priority these days to say the least. I can't even remember the last show I went to. But, I still use my music as an escape. I can pretty much zone out and lose myself in it when I want. I'd be lost without it.

  6. I love a huge variety of music. I listen to Infected Mushroom or Juno Reactor when I cook. I listen to random music when I build. When I am programming a database, I'll listen to the soundtracks of Batman Begins or Gladiator or any Philip Glass. When I want to be distracted, I'll listen to Evanescence.

    And I wish I had a Bose dock. That would completely rock.

  7. Speaking of the 90s...we passed a dude in a straw hat, light colored pin striped suit and bow tie. Looked straight of the Mary Poppins set... Toby says "whoa...that dude looks like he's from the 90s!" :)

    My car radio is tuned to K-love. I know I know...cheesy. But it's my way of combating all the crap that rolls through my mind. Many of the songs resonate with my soul. And I like that. Sometimes it's boring and I'll flip over to our local stations...I like a good Kelly Clarkson scream fest now and then.

    Today...I actually checked a couple cds outta the library. So it could be Elmo Popalooza for awhile now? IDK...

    Music is certainly an emotional outlet...


  8. I listen to everything except modern country music. Ken, you actually got me listening to soundtracks in high school. I remember listening to your tape of the soundtrack to Star Trek II in Art Class.
    I hosted a weekly Jazz program in the late 80's and got hooked on David Sanborn, Pat Methany and Chick Corea.
    I usually listen to the latest Christian Rock (Third Day, Jeremy Camp and Pillar)
    But lately, being in a summer beach mood, Jack Johnson has been in heavy rotation on my computer and in the car.
    I'm also into Classical and MY version of oldies... 70's and 80's pop.

  9. Blondie. Parallel Lines.

    Brings me back to a time when life was normal.

  10. I'm a hopeless dork. I still listen to Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, The Grateful Dead, etc. even though I was born slightly late for that (1963). I can safely say that I know NOTHING about contemporary stuff. I find that listening to music in the car annoys me -- I wish I could get back to having music in the house all the time but for some reason I need silence.

  11. This probably won't surprise you, but lately my son and I both find great joy in pedaling out mystery tunes on our manual player piano. I scored two huge boxes of old rolls, many from the 1920's and 10's, last summer. The majority of them will be incorporated into artwork as they can't be salvaged, but so many of the rolls that can still be played are delightful - peppy, silly, care free. I think you'd like it. I remember you playing the same two stanzas of that Mozart tune in our living room. This way, everything you play sounds awesome - and you get some exercise!

  12. Charlie's music obsessions rule our home. Right now there's a lot of Black Eyed Peas. Up next? Who knows. My BIL went on vacation with us and was none-to-please about listening to the same stuff over and over, but I tell you what--when Charlie's happy, everybody's happy.

  13. As usual, I'm late to the party........but I think part of the reason I run so much is to give myself time to listen to music. It is my refuge. I love the Beatles, Phish, Widespread Panic, Michael Jackson, techno, Motown, rap, some current pop/dance hits and alternative rock. I go through phases but I really love it all except country. My hubby likes soundtracks like you.

    I can turn my mood around in seconds by plugging in my iPod. Thank goodness.


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