Friday, August 27, 2010

Anniversary and Bullets

Today marks the one year anniversary of the surgery Bennett had to remove his Type II Oligoastrocytoma, a brain tumor causing his intractable epilepsy last year.

One year. Wow.

Time flies and yet it doesn't. It was also eleven years ago today that I first met Jennifer in the parking lot of a local Meijer store for our first date. We'd met online, had exchanged some e-mails, and spoken on the phone some, but this was the first day we actually met each other face to face. We went to a local restaurant called Bravo's, an Italian place. Had coffee afterward. Talked for hours. Took her back to her car and hugged her goodnight, said I'd like to do this again sometime.

That is, essentially, how she looked the day I met her. She's the one in front holding her niece. The redhead in the back is our cousin Angie, pregnant at the time so be sure you make a mental note of that as, if she actually reads this I am going to catch hell for not showing her at her 'best', (But hey, to me, this is one of her best...women look great pregnant in my opinion.)


Now, you'd think I would have a very gloomy, very frustrated post today, filled with observations about the past and the unpredictability of his future. But anybody who knows me fairly well knows that I have been going through something else this week that I haven't blogged about that has been very intense and very scary but it has had a positive outcome, and so today, despite the anniversary, I feel like this.

And it feels DAMN good.

So I ain't spoiling it.

Besides, truthfully? A year out the kid is not doing badly at all. I'm proud of him and I love him and he's happy and he's learning at his own pace and that, in the end, is all that really matters. And how can I, even in my usually negative state, not be as happy as a pig in slop that he isn't having anymore seizures?

Poor little guy is sick today though, home here with me. I don't mind, I am thrilled to be spending the extra time with him right now.



  1. Trying to work in the classic Matrix line, "There is no spoon."

    Not clever enough today.

    Peace this weekend!

    (Finally watchig season six of LOST.....WOW....didn't see much of it coming.)

  2. 1) Good to know your spirits are up. 2) I didn't know you were flexible enough to bend that way. 3) Didn't I tune that guitar once?

  3. Good to read this post...I just finished reading the one w/the eval...I like the tone of this one...

    Ebb and flow...

    I can't believe it has been a year already!! Your little guy has come SO FAR!!! And you and your wife have as well!!!


  4. Great to hear it!

    You are SO mysterious.

  5. stephanie:

    Dora's Daddy:
    There will always be a spoon unfortunately, but now its up to me to learn how to bend it, even without a Matrix to help me.

    Wow, my two closest living male friends right in a ROW. That's cause for celebration right there. My spirits ARE up, which feels really good.
    This is a new guitar. The one you tuned has LONG since been destroyed.

    I hope we have. I feel an upswing, but there is much to overcome when it pertains to picking up the pieces. But to say I have had the awakening I have been searching for is the understatement of the decade.

    Not mysterious...just turning a corner that has been long overdue that's all.


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