Friday, August 20, 2010

Because I Happily Pimp My Peeps

Whether they want it or not.

Meet Robert, one of my compatriots from my time spent in the lovely but horrifically hot and bug-infested city of Savannah, Georgia, while studying for my Masters in Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art & Design, back in the day when you had to GO to Savannah to actually attend the Savannah College of Art & Design. I took that photo above myself, in class, cause I'm funny like that. I like taking pictures of people.

He's one of the few people from that era in my life I still communicate with, though the power of the Internet has also reconnected me a bit with a few of the other guys from my class and the girl I lived with, not to mention one of my favorite professors of all time. This man changed my life, and not because of art...he gave me a second chance in a situation where I believe no other person would have, and I have never, EVER, forgotten the Life Lesson I learned because of it.

My professor did that, not Robert. Let's get back to him. I tend to Tangentize way too much don't I?

Anyway, Robert is not a father of a Special Needs child, he is just a gifted artist and compassionate human being who also writes a blog that I link to at right in my Typical World blog section.

Great 'Idea Guy', that Rob.

Met only one other guy on Earth who churned out so many ideas for comic books, movies, TV shows, etc. More ideas than any one man could ever completely explore in a lifetime. I've often been tempted to steal one and just call it my own. But I don't...I prefer to stay FRIENDS with my friends.

I even recall sketching one of his characters he created just cause I loved the concept of it so much. I wonder if he remembers it? He has so many ideas, I would not be surprised if he forgot that guy. (See...Rob is to good ideas as Endo in Lethal Weapon was to torture. Gary Busey (LONG before his Celebrity Rehab days) told us as much. Endo here has forgotten more about dispensing pain than you and I will ever know...)

Rob's blog has usually been about the book he is working on, or his art, but when I put on my flippers and went Blog Diving this morning with my cup of Java (which I am proud to say is ALMOST entirely black now...just a wee bit of Stevia and I hope that turns into a pinch and then nothing...FUCK ASPARTAME) I was surprised to discover a very interesting post by him about our President, our country, Religion and a very rational perspective of a Christian regarding the building of a Mosque two blocks from Ground Zero.

That name...Ground Zero, is just God-awful. I REALLY wish they would change's so damn gloomy. I mean c'mon...all those marketing people in NY and all we can come up with is 'Ground Zero'? Why do you think all the ZERO Soda Pop does so poorly? Because ZERO is generally perceived as a negative term.

Another tangent? Dammit...I try, I really do.

I always knew Rob was a Christian, he often sends along his prayers for Bennett and my family as many of you have and still do, even though he knows and respects my current...let's call it a 'dilemma', with me and my spirituality.

I actually dig that so many people DO that, send along their prayers and junk, even though I am often a surly, unappreciative prick about it. Because it's like a sky full of Love Missiles headed to the center of my Mental of them is going to get past my Defense Net and make me feel good for at least a little while.

So go forth, my Brethren and Sistren, and check out Rob's blog. You'll be glad you did. And if you're not, don't come crying to KNOW I am in no position to be listened to these days for advice or suggestions. :P

Oh and ladies...he is sexy, keeps in great shape and I believe is currently single. Go GET him...



  1. "I actually dig that so many people DO that, send along their prayers ..." I guess I need to stop commenting on your posts.

    May God bless you and keep the bad thoughts away, and if She doesn't, I'll bless you myself.

  2. SD:
    I need you to be YOU...that gets me through the day. Besides, Prayer Mail is not your style. I said I dig it, I should have said 'I dig it but please don't do MORE of it since I am one of the Heathen.

    PS...That Penis Enlargement thing show up yet?

  3. Gonna say to the heathen thing, I've known you since I was in elementary school and knowing the heathen you were in hs, according to your best friend in hs, you have gotten the heathen thing under better control, you got married and jk....I pray all of the time for all of you, especially for you and Jennifer to be able to cope....Have you corresponded with my cousin California who has a child with Aspergers?

    To comment on your dire ground zero comments, don't worry, Barrack is endorsing the construction of a mosque, not a general overall non-denominational place of commemoration, but a mosque, the very religious faction that destroyed it in the first place. Not that all people from that particular sect are despicable but, please encompass all religions. That's my two cents and I'm sticking to it.

    Hope you are well as can be..

    Laura W.

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  6. Totally agree with you regarding Robert: great guy and great post. But did I ever tell you how I ended up at your page? I followed Rob's blog daily, and I kept seeing these really encouraging comments on his page from, well, a monkey. At first I just thought that whomever it was with that kind of profile pic must have a great sense of humor! Then, I wanted to know who it might be who was being so supportive of my friend. I clicked on the monkey and ended up on your blog. You were still in the beginning of your journey with Bennett: no answers, only seizures you could only stand by helplessly and watch.

    I was so moved, Ken, that someone who was going through so much in his personal life still took the time to read, to comment, to be supportive of another friend. Your openness about your fears and pain immediately resonated with me. But I have always been impressed with the way you've supported his dreams during a time in your life when no one could ever fault you for focusing on yourself.

    I think you've been a great friend back.

    I know -- I can almost hear you denying it right now: should have done more, didn't really do that much, etc.

    So, sssshhhh! Just let this one little compliment in, would ya? It won't hurt:

    You. Have. Been. A. Great. Friend Back.

  7. Ah, man. That was really sweet, thanks! Love fest back at ya! You know, I'm not a natural born prayist, so if I've got someone on my list, it's because I genuinely care about them and their situation.
    Endo! I get it now. I was leaning towards the Greek origin, which means "in the house". I thought it sounded 80s hip. Although it's also part of a pot plant, and even though I don't smoke, I didn't want to rule it out.
    And there's no better way to pay a loving tribute to a friend than to find the worst pic ever and post it to a blog. Ha, oh, I've gone through some bad hair phases, haven't I?
    Seriously, that was very cool, so thanks, and I enjoyed seeing the John Bandage drawing again. It was kick ass back then and it's kick ass now. I loved brainstorming on that martial arts comic you were working on (jade dragon?)for whoever that publisher was. We made a good team.
    As for my inner idea factory, I think my new book is going to be right up your alley. I'll email you a copy as soon as it's ready.

  8. diamond21050:
    Who said Jennifer and I were able to cope? 

    Cecilia Leger:
    Yeah I knew you came here from Rob’s page. And I appreciate all the info you gave me about State Services in the beginning of all this. I don’t think pointing out his blog or commenting on his blog while everything is going down is anything special, though I appreciate the sentiment.
    I know -- I can almost hear you denying it right now: should have done more, didn't really do that much, etc.
    See? I didn’t disappoint. 

    Robert Lettrick:
    It’s not a bad pic at all. It’s dated, that’s all. But I used it cause it was MINE, know what I mean? And I’m looking forward to reading the new thing. I thought that guy was the Soul Eater?


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