Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of K

Today marks a huge turning point in the life of our first born kiddo, Carter Maximus Lilly. It is his very first day of Kindergarten. Yup, the boy is on his way into the public school system.

I don't know whether to jump for joy or cower in fear. :)

I think I'll jump for joy now and just make sure to check ALL his curriculum when he is going through each grade...who knows what versions of history are now being taught in our public schools.

Carter is 6 years old now, we held off starting him since his birthday fell on the cusp, in July. We had the option of either having him start Kindergarten kinda youngish compared to the other kids or let him age a bit, like a fine wine, and then go in with a slight advantage in age/height/weight.

I was an even later baby than Carter, born in September, and I went in to Kindergarten at age 5, so I was always one of the younger boys, and I always felt a little intimidated. We opted for choice #2. And I think it was a good call. Time will tell.

Here are a few pics of Carter and Bennett from this morning, after I got them both breakfasted up and we were waiting for Mom to finish her beautification rituals and come down to take them both to their respective educational destinations.

I was not able to go to the Day Care that Carter will be going to and watch him get on the bus for his PM Kindergarten. Had too much to get done before my long-awaited Head-Shrinking appointment this afternoon. Jen's parents were there, and I hope to get some pics from them soon. Of course it isn't a REAL the sense of it being big and yellow and driven by some underpaid dude or dudette.

In our county, because of budget cuts, the elementary school will no longer be sending an actual school bus to the local Day Care facilities to pick up kids, which they used to do. (Of course, after seeing THIS HORRIFIC ARTICLE on a friend's Facebook page today, maybe this is a good thing.) And even though the elementary school offers before and after care, you can imagine that filled up SUPER FAST on the day they made the busing announcement, leaving many people scrambling. To me, this was really screwing not just the kids but all the owner/operators of the local Day Care facilities.

But really, who is NOT getting screwed in the current economy? Politicians maybe, but I can't think of anyone else who hasn't felt the burden of how crap things are for all of us capitalist pigs.

Luckily, the owner of the Day Care Carter used to go to went out and acquired a couple of small buses. There wasn't any doubt we'd take Carter back there. On a bit of a 'Get Used to It All Again' day last Friday, I took Carter there for the day, and she and I were talking about me maybe painting one of the buses.

She asked if I could actually do something like answer? I probably can, I haven't before, but I certainly wouldn't mind giving it a shot. It would actually be super cool, come to think of it.

We'll see...I think the fact that I've never done it kind of made her hesitate. I certainly would if I were in her shoes. Besides...I would probably end up doing something that looked like THIS...

...and then I might be in some trouble.



  1. More likely, dear, something with a thong on it...

  2. Great pictures of the kids! Carter looks so grown up :)

  3. I think you should home need a little more stress in your life.


  4. It's great the teacher asked you to paint the bus!!! I know you will come up with something appropriate and wonderful to put on them.

    Both the boys have gotten so big!! For a second there I thought Bennett was Carter until I took a closer look and then I was like wow!!! Lol

    My girls go back to school next Wednesday. They are super excited. Marissa will be in 3rd and Haylee is starting kindergarten like Carter. I hope Carter has a blast!!! Kindergarten is the best grade of all!!! Lol

  5. Claire:
    And that's bad because...? :)

    He is growing up super fast.

    No WAY. I could never handle it.

    Well, she asked, but when I said I had no experience, she probably wished she had not. I won't push it.

  6. I think you made a good decision with the school thing. I was one of those "older" kids and it was definitely a good thing. Of course, in high school there were some girls a full 14 months younger than me and sometimes it felt like I was talking to second graders, but there are worse things in life.

  7. Painting the bus would be so much fun though!!

    Not sure I mentioned on FB when I saw these, I LOVE the huge foyer!


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