Monday, August 02, 2010

Half & Half

There are, as I've mentioned before, two Bennett's.

One is giggly, affable, curious, exploratory, repetitive, running, playing, jumping, kicking balls and doing basic puzzles.

The other screams, screeches, kicks, bangs his head into the wall and floor, stiffens like a board as his face turns beat red with anger/frustration, reaches up to be held only to, upon being picked up, wriggles to get away, kicking, flailing and screeching.

Both Bennett's showed up this weekend. Each about 50% of the time.

We have two working theories as to where this Mirror Universe Bennett is coming from.

One...the poop chute is an issue. He had been struggling very hard to poop of late. And the stuff that came out was the hard, pebbly stuff. Not to mention that the kid is getting big (as are his TURDS...there, I said it) and so pushing out a giant log into his pants takes more effort than it takes for us, as we let ours dangle in mid-air and blop effortlessly (at least we hope) into the bowl as we also hope for no backsplash.

At the pediatricians recommendation we introduced Miralax, I think it's called, to help soften the doody. Seemed to be working, though now clean-up is OH so much more fun. Especially since Bennett hates to be restrained so it usually takes two people to change him and he always tries to reach down there and swipe at the fudgy area to get it on his hands.


But...the Miralax seemed to be having an effect on his mood. Our Universe's Bennett had been making more than just brief cameos. He was starting to get a regular guest spot as a recurring character. Sort of like how Ethan would show up in various flashbacks long after Season 1 of LOST.

Theory Number 2, (actually, that last one SHOULD have been Number 2...get it?), involves his teeth. Now, we thought he was done teething. But there is a chance he might not be. We tried poking around in there yesterday and there might be some molars still working themselves into the proper position.

Does that happen, though? The boy will be 3 years old in 3.2 months. Do kids still have teeth coming in at that late of an age? I mean...I get it, the kid is slow...but would his PHYSICAL development be slow as well even though he is nearly as tall as Carter who is 3 years older?

We tried some Oragel and pain meds and stuff yesterday, and that seemed to keep the Mirror Universe Bennett in check, though not entirely. Anyway, it is baffling. Here is a short video of the VERY beginning of the onset of Mirror Universe Bennett. This is only the the intensity/frequency increases I don't film anymore because I am trying to calm him down and keep him from hurting himself.

So that was our weekend pretty much. Though Jen and Carter went to a family function for a few hours while I hung back with Bennett. I spent most of my 'free time' (when not working on the yard, in the basement, etc.) watching LOST (I'm re-watching from the beginning again) and playing X-Box.

Yeah I's a yawn fest over here in the down time. Jen and I never really get a chance to go out and do stuff, and even if we did, I'm not sure either of us would have the energy or funds to really have a GREAT time or even to do something radically different than see a movie (yawn) or go out to dinner (yawn).

I think if we actually had a free night just the two of us, we'd both just want to hang around the house and chill out in the peace and quiet. But that's just me. She might disagree on that one.

Oh yeah, one more thing. It's now August officially. Remember what happened a year ago last August? This month is going to be really, really hard.

For everybody.



  1. First off, I will never look at soft serve ice cream the same again. Thanks. ;)

    I really think the poop issue could be a big part of it. My daughter is on Miralax as well, and you can tell when she needs a little more for whatever reason. If she goes more than a day or two without pooping, she turns into "Mean Baby". When her nurse gets here, I warn her that Mean Baby is visiting today. Then if she poops, we tell each other that Nice Baby came back. I hope you can get the poop figured out.

    As for the teeth, my daughter's teeth are late in coming in. She doesn't eat by mouth though, and the dentist says that is why they are delayed.

  2. Late teeth...YES...try pulling baby teeth out of a 15 year old! Sophie didn't actually get any teeth until she was 2...some are slow, some are fast.

  3. OUCH! Two face Bennett...certainly not his fault.

    I'll bet some of the meds he is on (or is he off of everything now) cause some digestive issues.

    I did see that at 19 sec, when he first cried, he reflexively touched his tummy. That and other behaviors after that looked like he was favoring it, responding to sudden pains.

    Do you use Mylicon?
    We still use it for Dora when her tummy hurts...gas pain seems to quickly go away. She says it tastes great. You could even try to use it prophylactically.

    Dude....Of everyone on the planet, you and Jen NEED the "YAWN" of a regular date night.

    A cheap dinner with pleasant, even unpleasant conversation...the payoff for the relationship has always been worth it here.

    Enough unsolicited advice. Cool that you are re-watching LOST.

  4. The video really speaks a thousand words. My heart goes out to you, there is nothing worse than an out of control child and to have that go on regularly..well...I can begin to understand how you must feel.

    The poop connection is interesting. Julia has had some constipation issues the past couple of days (the kid won't touch a vegetable to save her life) and has been SO unbelievably cranky. And it manifests at weird times and over weird things. I didn't put the two together but shoot...I think I'd be cranky too.

  5. OMG can I just say I cracked up at the soft serve ice cream picture! jeeze! Its so funny that you blog about bennets "ying and yang" persona as I deal with my Madie who is such a PAIN anywere I take her! But when she is home...ANGEL My hubby too is a homebody and when he travels he sleeps like crap and even complains that he doesnt have his own bathroom!! HA HAHA
    Its a mystery to why our kids are the way they are...
    AT this time Miles is taking over belly fart duity...and she is having a blast!! say HUH??
    hang in there!!

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  7. OMG Daniel changes character too when he hasn't gone potty. We use miralax and something if its really bad we've had to use child pedialax to help him right away. Teething - Daniel got his baby teeth late but has already lost his two bottom teeth. I was so excited cause he was growing up when he lost those but then reality set in and were in the teething crap all over again. YIKES.

  8. Ditto on the comment about the ice cream!

    It certainly DOES look like Bennett starts hurting suddenly...And it really looks like, from his posturing, it just may be the tummy....

    Colby used to have alot of trouble with constipation when he was under about 4-5 years old...I remember the first really bad episode...He was about 18 mos., and we had NO IDEA why he was screaming....Took him to the ER, and "Voila!" When the nurse took his rectal temp, he pooped...AND stopped screaming! (Duh!)

    This video is also very timely for me to see...My dear friend has a SN 25 year old daughter, Christine (her pic is on my Fbook), who has started throwing terrible tantrums, etc....They admitted her to hospital last night, gave her a shot of Ativan and released her this AM with an Rx of Depakote and said she didn't have any episodes overnight...Of course not!!! When you are filled with Ativan??? Anyway, Christine is grown, weighs 165 lbs, and now her parents are afraid of her...

    I don't even know why I got into all of that...Maybe to let you know you are not alone with this...???....

    My vote is still the tummy thing....

    Hang in there...


  9. PS: Anniversaries are always tough...


  10. My cousin Ricky used to be exactly like Bennett was. One minute he'd be fine, coloring in a coloring book, doing puzzles, or sitting in my lap and watching the same episode of Scooby Doo for the umpteenth time.

    The next minute he'd have an all-out temper tantrum, flailing his little fists and feet in just about every direction, and forget about holding him, it was just better to take off his glasses, move him onto a pile of blankets and let him have his fit. Ten minutes later, sore throat and red eyes, he'd be making grabby-hands for juice and whimpering for hugs.

    Ricky's problems were never really explained. Half probably because of his rather mild autism, half probably because the kid is exactly like his mother - she was a temper-tantrum queen as a child.

    I do remember, though, that for the longest time his teeth gave him absolute hell. And try giving a teething ring to someone who has actual teeth. Hah! I'd rather not stick around to find out what that gel stuff has the potential to do to a kid. Hopefully Bennett's teeth will get themselves sorted out, because that is harsh, and there's really not much you can do about it. Cold drinks. Frozen pickles. Orajel. I think that's about it.

    (On a side note: Ricky's 13 years old now and somewhat less yelly. Okay, no. I jest. He doesn't yell, and he's a perfectly charming young boy.

    You know, when he's not being an annoying thirteen year old. But that has little to do with anything other than hormones and school influence.)

    As for Bennett's poop, that's enough to frustrate pretty much anyone, I bet.

  11. Sorry to hear that you guys are having such a crappy time (no pun intended). I started reading at the top and have worked my way down to this point.

    The poop thing is weird. We get that too sometimes, although intermittent. We call them rabbit poops, and although she's potty trained now, if she'd poop in her underwear or pullup she'd usually leave a trail of little rocks around the house as they worked their way out (which someone invariably stepped on).

    And teeth, we had two molars come in right at two, but the other two came in at three, so yeah it's possible. Have you thought about taking him to a dentist? We took Abby to a specialized pediatric dentist, and found it was the best $40 we ever spent.


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