Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More K Stuff & K's Stuff

I mentioned yesterday that my Parents-in-Law were going to shoot Carter as he went from Day Care to Kindergarten. Perhaps 'shoot' isn't the best word choice here. TO PHOTOGRAPH. Of course that's what I meant.

Here are some shots from that fateful day, oh so long ago. I mean yesterday.

What is interesting is that you can see the boy had fun, but you would NOT know that from talking to him upon his return to Lilly Manor. He was, well, I gotta be honest here, being VERY bratty for a while. Probably tired out. No nap. He was SO in a bad mood. Stomping, challenging and taking a lot of his feelings out on Bennett.

Have you ever heard the expression 'SHIT ROLLS DOWNHILL'? It's true. If I punish Carter or 'nudge him verbally' (YELL), he finds some way to take it out on his baby brutha. What's that leave Bennett with? I guess I gotta get a dog or something. (I just hate to do that to the poor DOG though. Maybe a snake...I hate snakes.)

And just because, in the midst of all this fun, family-oriented fare, here's a picture of Kat Dennings and her ampleness.


Because Luke Milton's blog today just made me laugh a lot, as it always does. If I ever need a boost in life? I read something of Luke's. The man is, and always has been, a fuggin' genius. Artist. Writer. Photographer. X-Box Ass-Kicker. Boobologist.

And he's an Aussie, which makes his voice super cool and able to charm even the most chilly American woman.


Oh wait...PS I guess. You have just experienced Blogzilly post number 299. The next one will be 300. What in the world am I gonna do to celebrate? I have got to give this one some thought...

OK, this time for real...



  1. Kindergarten takes it out of little boys -- he was probably exhausted.

    You're still a good dad, in my eyes.

  2. I am sure he was exhausted. Maybe get Bennett a punching bag? Or get Carter one so he leaves Bennett alone.

    Congrats on 300!

  3. Hi Blogzilly, I got your blog from ellen's I do oil paintings of kids/people with disabilities, I just ran a special in August$100.00 for an original 16x20 oil on canvas, in an attempt to raise money for my granddaughter Hailey's CE. My trademark is to include a green C.P. ribbon in all of my paintings, I just finished a painting for Cary at aboutthesmallstuff she has 2 adorable little boys one of whom has C.P. so in this particular painting I put a C.P. ribbon over Ben's heart. She loved it and I am going to be working on a few more commissions for her

  4. Ha, thanks Ken. Always far too kind. Definitely do something big for 300. I'm very close to 500 and had big plans but think I'm too lazy to follow through. We shall see. Some fantastic photos there. I especially liked the one of Kat Dennings. Very cool that she was able to be there for Carter's first day of kindergarten!

  5. Take it from me, Ken, likely your little guy is going to be exhausted coming home for about 2 weeks. I taught the little folk for some years and they hold up well at school and just lose it once they get home. Just let'em blow off the steam...it means they feel comfortable with Mom and Dad. Thanks, too, for the "boob link". Mr. Milton's post made me laugh out loud! Killer.

  6. LOVED the pics of Carter's first day....

    Little boys can be just as moody as girls!

    I'm sure things will improve....He's such a cutie pie!!!

  7. Claire's right, it's totally normal for the kids to be exhausted for the first couple of weeks of kindergarten. Sabrina has been a real grouch too after school. See how things go. If not, we can just give them away.

    Ken, I must say, I love how you are able to tackle both a kindergarten celebration and a celeb's rack all in one post. Inspirational.


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