Monday, August 9, 2010

Words That Resonate

Get ready for, perhaps, one of the greatest quotes, EVER, about living in a situation as a parent of a child who is disabled. And it wasn't muttered by someone famous like Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, George S. Patton or even Elmer Fudd.

It was written as a comment by a fellow 'Dad Blogger' in another 'Dad Blogger's' Comments section.'d be surprised, there are MEN out there who are just as ripped apart by their kids disabilities as women are and aren't afraid to express it.

'There’s no one thing killing me. This whole process is like bleeding out through papercuts. Sooner or later, you’ll get to the one that kills you.'
-Marissa's Dad
Blogger of Marrissa's Bunny

It's funny, I just went to retrieve the link to his site so I could insert the hyperlink into the 'Marissa's Bunny' thingie above, and he had posted something about his weekend meetings. Tough stuff. I think it would be very interesting to know this man in real life. Also funny that the quote above he included in his own post. The dude knows a nugget of Pure Honest Truth when he sees it, plain and simple.

My whole point today was to, in a lighthearted way, pimp the fact that his blog is up for an award and to get you to go over and vote for his blog. But hell, is anything lighthearted anymore, for any of us? Or do we fool ourselves into feeling lighthearted for a time, when deep down inside we are wrecked forever?

Anyway, it is a long shot that he could win because of a number of reasons, but foremost is that on this particular website offering the award they don't SEEM to want harsh reality, they want cute baby pictures. Fuck THAT. Sucks that kids with disabilities are so segregated, in EVERY aspect of life, including Internet websites that are supposedly for 'kids'. Plural. Encompassing.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come one, come all, ye lovely Children of Man. We await you for mirth and merriment, fun and frolicking, so bring your smiles and we'll celebrate all the wonders of youth until the cows come home. Hey whoa, whoa, whoa, waddya think YOU are doing? We didn't mean ALL TARDS need to go hang out somewhere else please. We don't want to face your reality! No siree!!!

It's harsh, but that's how it feels to me today.

But go over, vote anyway, let's see if we can help him spread the word as we all try to spread the word that there are a lot more children suffering in the world than people want to be faced with for all SORTS of reasons and until we, as a species, start doing something on a grand scale about it we can never, truly, evolve.




  1. I am headed to his blog to read and vote. I love reading your Dad blog and other Dad blogs. It gives me an idea of what my husband must be going through, but hesitates to talk about.

  2. Maybe it's just me, but I think kids with disabilities have much cuter photo's than those who don't. Including my kids. Those with disabilities have so much more innocence to them so the pictures seem that much more genuine and innocent.

  3. There you go again....Spewing out some of what I have always felt as well...You do it so much better than I...I don't find myself blogging much anymore, as you and one or two other buddies...(you know who you are) do it so much better....

    Love our fellow dad's quote...HAVE to steal it....Will go to his blog as well...

    Once again, thanks for the therapy session....You saved me $75 once again....



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