Friday, September 24, 2010

A Boy's Best Friend is His Mother

And mine is here, visiting for a long weekend, which started early yesterday. Thus the lack of blogging and lack of perusal of the bloggage of the usual crew. Far be it from me to ignore Mother in favor of all of you readers. Especially this year, since I will have only seen her once the entire year. That's far too little.

So far, a great visit. She and Bennett are bonding well, and Carter always loves spending time with her. The two of us have had some interesting, wonderful and wall-breaking talks (a part of my 'Operation Re-Lillification' thingie), a few of which she has even given me permission to write about, which is great. You know me...I get jazzed about tantalizing fodder for the noggin and the bloggin'.

Anyway, time to watch a DVD with the family.

And oh yeah...these still scare the brown stuff right outta me.



  1. Enjoy your mom.I know you will.You are super lucky to have her in your life.

    Great news on Bennett ... and the fear thing,well,I have a few.Flying is a big one.Hate it and quite frankly,unless forced to,just won't do it.Ever.control thing.Surprising coming from a control freak like me,isn't it?

    Another,and I just emailed a friend about it ... death.Well,use to be afraid of it.Terrified as child and into adulthood and not sure where it stems from and then,I was plunged into it through our journey with cancer and children fighting it and losing their war against it and the fear is gone.Vanished.Lifted from me because of the courage of ones far younger than I.What a gift.But the price ... far too high.

    Have a great weekend.And,so wished your words haven't vanished ... come back again and try on another post,okay?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful visit in progress.

    And I, too, and just now trying to catch up on my blog reading.

  3. I hope it's true. That thing about boys best friends being their mommy. :)



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