Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dagger of the Mind

This article about converting brainwaves (thoughts) into actual words (speech) is worth taking a look at. Not just because of how scary it is as far as how its application could be so horribly abused in the wrong hands if the technology were ever perfected, but about how amazingly huge the leaps might be in the medical community with patients who, for whatever reason, have lost the ability to communicate via speech.

It also leads one to hope that if this is possible, it could open doors to other possible technological breakthroughs in understanding the brain. And you know me and the brain. We keep trying to understand one another.

The implications of this kind of technology are staggering to me. Not just as a parent of a child who I cannot communicate very well with at this time. Not just as a parent of a child who I wonder if I will EVER truly have a communicative rapport with. But as a member of the human community, it scares me as much as it titillates. Hee hee...titillates.

But a lot of the technology we explore does this. The LHC scares me. Nuclear bombs scare me. All the wireless shit flying through the air scares me. All the chemicals in the world scare me. Some of it I am sure makes our lives better while some of it I am sure is killing us or warping us in ways we won't recognize for years.

Yeah...one of these days when Cthulu is chewing on your kneecap you'll know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, read the article, and please...comment. I'm curious...do you think think we as a species are capable of being responsible enough to handle these leaps in technology we are making seemingly overnight?



  1. Great stuff, as you say...my answer to your final question...NO.

  2. the first thing I think of:

    Wow think of the military (spying)applications! Kidnapping will certainly be on the rise!" Followed quickly by "now we're one step closer to having cyborgs"

    So yeah kind of scary. But the medical applications are very interesting as well. Hell, if they kind find a way to do it non-surgically (old skool sci-fi mind reading helmet?) The applications for criminal justice, and private therapy....couples therapy, stuff like that, could also be staggering....

    well that's the most exciting thing I've read since I heard that they will soon be able to regrow lost teeth in your mouth....although this one is a lot more frightening...

  3. Claire:
    I don't think so either. We just don't take have the social maturity.

    Stryder Wolfe:
    Regrow lost teeth? Please enlighten me.


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