Wednesday, September 15, 2010

License to Parent

You know, in certain places in this country, you actually need a license to go fishing. That is correct. You have to apply for a license to be able to go put a slimy worm on a hook and toss it in the water and try to get some dumbass fish to chew on it long enough for you to get it out of the water long enough for you to eventually chew on it.

Damn...that's one nice-lookin' fish up there, ain't it?

You need a license to sell insurance, you need a license to get married, you need a license to drive a moped in some places, and obviously you need a license to drive a car. You need a license in some places to coach youth sports, you need a license to have a yard sale and you certainly need a license to practice medicine or teach.

Being a parent, having a child, is probably the single greatest responsibility a human being can ever and WILL ever have in their lifetime, unless maybe if you're the President or the lead Astronaut on our first manned flight to Mars or something with what's left of the human colonists in the back as we are forced to leave behind this beautiful planet Earth we horribly fucked up.

And the sad fact of the matter is that in any of these 50 states in this oh so wonderful Union, you do not have to pass any test, you do not have to discuss it with anyone, you can be any age and can be in any situation no matter what and under no circumstances are you required to have a license to have a child.

And I think there MIGHT be something wrong with that.


I do understand the that there is a danger there. It does get VERY close to a freedom line I am not sure I am comfortable crossing. I recognize we can't assume that just because you have a license means you know what you are doing. How many people kill each other with vehicles every single day? But can you imagine what the roads would be like if driver's licenses were NOT required?

I don't need to imagine, I've been to a place like that, in some areas deep inside Mainland China, where there were not only no licenses to drive required, but no traffic laws, no traffic signals, no EMS, no 'real' cops, but tons of cars (with no real functional safety features) and shitloads of human beings.

I have never been more scared for my own life.

Just something to think about...especially when I read about this kind of beyond belief bullshit.



  1. Christ that is Fucked up. What is wrong with that woman?!?!

    Ha and you have worries about not being a good enough parent....want to bet that she never worried about that a day in her life?

  2. I have always been a proponet of mandatory sterilization of potential parents who can't pass the test....unfortunately...that might mean I wouldn't be here. The Liberty scales balance on.

    Of her case, and so many others, spending the money on sterilization is probably a waste. There are much cheaper and quicker ways to ensure she isn't a problem to anyone else.

    (You know of course that she is an "insanity defense" lawyers dream case.)

  3. Ken, we don't need licenses, but what about education? In high school, parenting classes should be mandatory and should last a couple of years. The whole thing should include financial planning, credit management, meal know, REAL LIFE...I say *F* to calculus and let's teach kids something they will use for the rest of their lives.

  4. As for the fish, it even REAL? I mean, not that it matters, in the end 'cause it photographs real nice, but once you fillet that sucker, there isn't much substance to it, ya know? ;)

  5. I think parenting education should start in middle school. If enough younger kids learned what real parents go through then there might be less teen pregnancies.

  6. Stryder Wolfe:
    Sadly, I think truer words were never spoken. People who are more self-actualized don't DO crazy shit like that.

    Dora's Daddy:
    And the fact is, no matter what is 'done' to her now, none of that matters. The real damage is already done. Those poor kids will never be the same again. They can move on, maybe lead productive lives, but they'll always carry that pain with them.

    Agreed. Education is key. But hell, THERE'S a whole other topic of real fucked-upness in this country. Our educational system is really in dire straights as it is.

    Claire Returns for an Encore:
    You do realize that sometimes Fake Fish is better than no fish at all, right? :)

    the other lion:
    Yummy, yummy.

    Also agreed. Perhaps a sort of 'Scared Straight' but for parenting. 'Scared Shitless'. I'd be happy to go into a class and scare the bajeezus out of some young kinds about how scary parenting can be. And I have the bald hair and goatee. Wear a tank top, get some decent looking fake tats and some handcuffs and I could be quite frightening. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  7. I meant 'kids', not 'kinds', Sinead. Damn lack of editing ability on Blogger comments...

  8. There is SO much that I could say on this as a person who has seen how much damage crappy parents can do to their kids. It's even harder when you also know perfectly nice people who can't have kids.

  9. China is insane. You drive on one side of the street in Hong Kong, cross a line and suddenly you are on the other side of the road. No wonder there are so many accidents. One of my factory tour guides said bodies sit sometimes for days from car accidents until someone from their family comes and picks them up. Until you visit China you can't believe that stuff is real.

    anyhow, where was those kids' dad when all this was going down? It is sad when we ignore the design for marriage and family, usually the kids pay the biggest price.


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